Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

◆Guidance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro business hours◆

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F except Sundays and holidays do business every day until 9:00 p.m.
We do business without taking a rest in all facilities in January, February.
※Restaurant Street Spice varies in business hours. For more details, please see the following.



  • Of winter is advantageous; assent sale

    Of winter is advantageous, and understand

  • Good omen gift

    It is greeting of the New Year in petit gift of happiness.

  • Tobu choice hina doll sale

    Together with celebration first in spring.

  • Day style of fine weather

    Beautiful style to attach bloom to on fine day of own child.

  • We challenge chocolate official approval quiz!

    We make questions for exercise of chocolate official approval in the building! Become specialist of chocolate, and barentai...

  • Recruitment of mariajusemina participants of coffee and chocolate

    Cake course chef lecturer of le cordon bleu Tokyo school and coffee expert of Nespresso are chokore...

  • White day en quete offer!

    You get desired thing on White Day, and please tell nice things.

  • <notice> Daily foods sale

    Articles, chance of bulk buying that color everyday dining table!

  • <notice> Ladies' clothes miscellaneous goods special sale

    As for the information such as furniture or black formal sale held at the same time from this.

  • Winter Shimoitabashi warehouse sale Part2

    Food / woman fashion goods / ladies' clothes / men's clothes / sporting goods / living room article / baby, children's clothes

  • Strawberry cup 2018

    Contest of strawberry coloring season! ★17 stores participate

  • Restaurant Street Spice strawberry party 2018

    It is red and is pretty and is sweet-sour. Welcome to strawberry party.

  • LINE@ friend-limited gift soft serve another one

    It is increase in quantity gift soft serve another one

  • Jewels and ornaments, clock Salon special special treatment fair

    Slightly particularly very attractive New Year plan!

  • [SEIKO] premium watch fair

    Special fair of Salon having premium 3 brand in cathedral

  • IBIZA new collection is fair

    Person who uses buffalo which had lightness and the softness although being strong, and can enjoy Change of rich expression...


  • Crab miso miso Chinese-style noodles

    Collaboration menu feature of Hokkaido Fair

    Crab miso miso Chinese-style noodles and Ishikari juice, puremiamuaisukuri with holding of Hokkaido food fair with Hokkaido spatula crab...

    Sky view food court

  • Job hunting support is fair

    We introduce wearing checkpoint of nice purchase privilege and suit.

  • Entrance to school-style of 2017-18 Tobu

    Please choose the first place to match child's fine weather look at this opportunity.

  • Graduation-style of 2017-18 Tobu

    Please choose the first place to match child's fine weather look at this opportunity.

  • News that is reserved for the Salon de The Chez Matsuo whole day

    Because event is held on Friday, January 26, 27 Saturday although being really selfish, it should be reservation daylong. ...

    Chez Matsuo (Salon de The Chez Matsuo)

  • Gold leaf name case

    We put the pencil name, and third dozen for free is fair

    "New entrance to school fair" that had child ahead of entrance to school, a lot of preparations Item of promoted child starts...


  • ※Photograph is image, an example.

    Color custom order sneakers pattern order fair

    [MOCOS] ・Sneakers available from combination that is higher than all 6 trillion ・ ・ pattern freely. It is fee at store...

    Men's shoes

  • In gradation palette bag Sunrise(), Midnight (the lower left), Twilight (the lower right)

    The latest introduction

    In response to new line full of beautiful emotion that cut the sky of the Mediterranean Sea every time and request of customer, to the inside and outside...


  • Please refer for mouse Shino bowl diameter 13.2 X high 8.6cm price.

    Masayuki Higuchi ceramics exhibition

    Island where we studied in Bizen, and holding was by private exhibition of new star writer, Masayuki Higuchi who worked hard at making earthenware mainly on traditional Shino now in Tajimi...

    Art gallery

  • In OT8042J(), 70-5111 (bottom)

    Special treatment fair special on 2018 glasses saron New Year

    By special treatment fair's first from rich lineup including lenses according to recommended frame and use in the New Year visit...

    Glasses saron

  • Fine weather after a snowfall 1,944,000 yen (tax-included) 15F

    Tetsuro Sato oil painting exhibition

    The 23rd private exhibition of sketch writer, Tetsuro Sato who made original work. Snow which should be called the origin of Japanese picture...

    Art art gallery

  • [JINS] News of suspension of business accompanied with renewal

    News of remodeling Thank you for always favoring JINS Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro....


  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. Sampling is possible in Event Hall, too. Please drop in. ...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • Special BAR menu of January

    With wine shop Enoteca, it is comfortable by paid tasting every day in rotation at bar counter of juxtaposition...

    Wine shop Enoteca

  • Lunce, hors d'oeuvre of Tobu

    From well-established good flavor to simple taste

  • Underground shopping floors eat-in GUIDE

    To "choice mind light car of rice, you can enjoy taste of department store easily already."

  • PON baby clothes A

    Towel "serubie" of Imabari sale holding for a limited time!

    (notice) We had to fallbacks from pretty good present to new life! Leading in Imabari towel...

    Special venue

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    TIFFANY & Co. Bridal Fair 

    TIFFANY & Co. which is world-famous diamond authority from Saturday, January 13 to 28 Sunday,...

    TIFFANY & Co.

  • High-necked cashmere knit

    [cashmere station] Open

    We offer good-quality cashmere knit in colored pattern richness! Using material selected carefully, good-quality cashmere is delicate...

    Parts select (sweater, blouse, bottoms)

  • Under "premium card fair" holding

    We select Item of Wacoal maternity to season and Change of body. Item of Wacoal...

    Wacoal (maternity)

  • Angolan inner

    We introduce new product of product for fall and winter

    [warm Item that is good at this time to add to steps and cold] ☆New product ☆ rafinan beauty...


  • Gourmet thyme January issue

    Pan and stewed happiness

  • Party gourmet guide

    PARTY GOURMET GUIDE Under year-end party & New Year meeting advance order acceptance!

  • 8F roof "sky view food court"

    Please enjoy beer of all the countries of the world and delicious dishes.

  • Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street dining city spice gourmet

    We introduce information of menu for a limited time and each restaurant.

  • 2017-18 examination, interview-style

    We introduce Item that is recommended to school visit, interview of examination of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school.

  • 2017-18 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

    2017-18 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

  • School bag of Tobu

    School bag feature which Ikebukuro Tobu recommends

  • Scientific Ninja corps GOTCHA man clock belt order

    In the image of five people of scientific Ninja corps, we express as the front and back of leather belt in coloring of stitch. It is carved seal in buckle...

    Clock repair, belt corner

  • Under recruitment of kids friends who go to LINE@, and ask!

    We are delivering kids' advantageous information!

  • Under recruitment of LINE@ Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro friends

    We are delivering mainly on advantageous information and coupon of "meal"!

  • Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro formula SNS

    Other than homepage, we introduce various information of Ikebukuro Store in SNS.

  • Experience, conference / Tobu glasses saron Ear Day of digital hearing aid

    <experience, conference of digital hearing aid> period: Under holding The specialized staff, each person's; "bun...

    Hearing Gear hearing aid saron

  • Glasses fashion advice by list of COLOR 

    List of professional COLOR of color is choice in lenses COLOR which there was to frame design and customer who put together in scene...

    Glasses saron

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