Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

◆Guidance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro business hours◆

For from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F except Sundays and holidays do business every day until 9:00 p.m. We do business without taking a rest in all facilities in .7 month in June.
※Restaurant Street Spice varies in business hours. Specifically, please see the following.



  • Cat exhibition art & goods fair

    Welcome to country of cat mo cute as for the art, ze - mbu cat.

  • PREMIUM Friday of TOBU

    Premium Friday to spend in Ikebukuro Tobu

  • Summer sale of TOBU

    Good bargain is service by summer clothing Item full loading very much in all the buildings!

  • It is fun on rainy day. Let's enjoy Rain!

    We offer rainy day-limited privilege and service to visitor who came on rainy day.

  • Open for a limited time [imanatsu Swim Cafe]

    Stylish resort area swimming wears shining in summer beach and pool assemble in full force.

  • Summer gift of TOBU ONLINE SHOPPING 2017 Tobu

    The Internet is free shipping nationwide!

  • Yukata of Tobu

    We transfer sales floor in 4F from this year and are reopened afresh!

  • Kyushuya cherry fair

    We sell seasonal cherry including "Sato Nishiki" from Yamagata by limitation during period.


    Period limited sale

    Tobu original product which Sandoz made cold soft serve to Shoo cloth of texture a lot revives for a limited time....


  • CREW cardigan

    Loro Piana knit customized campaign

    We customize bijoux button to cardigan of "Loro Piana company"! J. By press, it is of good quality...

    J. Press

  • Professional foundation makeup free trial

    It is study ndemima by method to cover by stain dark circles to be worried about, slack ... slight art of skin well...

    Hands B

  • Officer of textiles cutting board platter 48.5*24*7.5cm 248,400 yen (tax-included)

    Haruhiko Tsukamoto ceramic works exhibition

    Person of making earthenware, Haruhiko Tsukamoto who continue making earthenware in order to inspire classic Shino and officer of textiles with modern breath. Bold Hera trainer...

    Art art gallery

  • Mosquito scent bag which is

    ... summer limitation, mosquito series ... which is which was mosquito season when was

    We selected carefully only in essential oil of insect flower eucalyptus with mourning insect effect, natural fragrance including lemon oil and blended perfume. ...


  • "Girl" 4 size 172,800 yen (tax-included)

    It is ... Rie Miura Japanese painting exhibition with ... Aya and thought

    Dear things, flower, leaf, girl whom we sat on in heart carefully. Match traditional technique of Japanese painting and is lever...

    Art gallery

  • Waffle fabric of cherry

    Cherry fair

    We displayed vanilla ice cream and half, cherry of cherry sherbet to Cup. It is chi around...


  • Monthly Tobu July issue

    We will tell about Event Hall, art art gallery, special event information of each floor.

  • Bolero

    Century fair 2017

    [clock which continues shining forever even if over century] It is centimeter mainly on Basel fair announcement model for 2,017 years...


  • Summer feature tray lantern sale

    Tray lantern which was made carefully by hand of takumi. We introduce special dish appropriate for memorial service of ancestors.

  • Brassiere / shorts / camisole

    Triumph new work introduction "Angel Bra SLIM LINE"

    The side is refreshing in side refreshing accent body line Angels rim sheet and curve bone. en...


  • Underwear

    Introduction of TSUMORI CHISATO new work

    Attach ... summer new work, and is spirited for feeling; ... [underwear] dezai where cactus motif seems to be summer...

    tsumori chisato SLEEP

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


    DO STACK YOUR RINGS It is ri with the arrival of refreshing early summer in PANDORA...


  • Under kisasupotsufea holding

    kisasupotsu is fashion canvas brand for adult.


    We have a lot of attractive products and, commencing with new model announced in 2017, introduce. ...


  • FIFA World Cup Russia meeting formula memory coin

    The 21st FIFA World Cup is held for the first time in history in Russia.

  • ※Image is image.

    Clip on glasses comes up with sunglasses

    Trendy clip on sunglasses appeared for popular classical music series! It is chestnut in glasses...


  • Item "Gococi" (gokochi) where is recommended in summer

    Summer gokochi where scene which we want to soak floats takes the ease and is beautiful. [in photograph] ☆It takes its ease to choose...

    Wacoal underwearware Salon

  • Berry melange

    Shinjuku Takano recommendation cake

    su to mix strawberry berry gelee, sponge, whip cream, cream brulee, strawberry in stack spoon, and to enjoy...

    Shinjuku Takano (fruit)

  • sutoraipudottoembu

    Introduction of the latest product

    A certain recommended refreshing feel Item was received at coming time. [sutoraipudottoen...


  • Aged ham and refuse Coote of butter

    New products form a line every month on 12th

    We paint baguette of fermentation with calpis butter for low temperature long time and are sandwich which we put aging roast ham. ...



    [Blue Note Records® X TAKEO KIKUCHI] TAKEO K...

    Takeo Kikuchi


    OAKLEY sunglasses fair

    Quantity of ultraviolet rays is season increasing most among one year, and the need of sunglasses increases. Newly...

    Glasses saron

  • Spice news June issue

    We gathered menu of each shop recommendation which we used "tomato" in season for mainly now.

  • It is interview-style 2017-18 examination

    We introduce recommended Item to school visit, interview of examination of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school.

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    TIFFANY & Co. Bridal Fair "WILL YOU? "

    We hold "TIFFANY & Co. Bridal Fair "WILL YOU?"". TIFFANY & Co....

    TIFFANY & Co.

  • Fair of the first anniversary of FLORALE by Triumph

    [of the first anniversary of furorarebaitorimpu] During period [FLORALE by Triump...


  • virurekompuritokarenda

    Information for attention product

    "Elegance beyond time" To manu F couture named from the BLANCPAIN birthplace...


  • ※It is completion image photograph of nanoblock.

    otona nano

    "Making" presents quotient materials "to display" of "healing" "to think" under the theme of "pleasing sea bream of adult". Waku Waku ・...

    Special meeting place

  • Dazzle measures with glasses lenses are fair

    In function lenses COLOR which thought about health of eyes, there was in lifestyle; is comfortable; see, and suggest life. ...

    Glasses saron

  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. Sampling is possible in Event Hall, too. Please drop in by all means. ...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • Connection precious box

    Introduction of new product which heart creates gaiety to

    Present which heart creates gaiety to. Connection precious box, appearance. From naming of famous confection "connection" representing Aichi...

    Bankaku Sohonpo

  • 16F roof beer garden "bulgogi legend shop of flame which came back"

    Very popular bulgogi proud of the sale results more than in 40,000 meals of seasons revives at reasonable price!

  • maisutashuteyukkuyunisefuru Grand fountain pen

    The latest writing implements

    momburammaisutashuteyukkukorekushon by tie-up with UNICEF. World letter...


  • School bag of Tobu

    School bag feature which Ikebukuro Tobu recommends

  • Two sets of Lucia tumbler 2017 set

    Lucia tumbler 2017

    Gift which conveys heart at the time of blessing in the bright threshold. 2017 names of an era are engraved into base. ...


  • Lunce, hors d'oeuvre of Tobu

    From well-established good flavor to simple taste

  • Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street dining city spice gourmet

    We introduce information of menu for a limited time and each restaurant.

  • Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro formula SNS

    Other than homepage, we introduce various information of Ikebukuro Store in SNS.

  • 2017-18 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

    2017-18 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

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