Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

◆Guidance of the year-end and New Year business hours◆

Guidance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro business hours

※Please see the above for the year-end and New Year business hours.
From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
※B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F
Except Sundays and holidays do business every day until 9:00 p.m.
The age is open without taking a rest in all facilities.

◆News of business hours of Christmas◆
[12/23 (Sunday/Holiday), 24 (months, shin)]
B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F are open until 9:00 p.m.

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※Restaurant Street Spice varies in business hours. For more details, please see the following.

eatobu (itobu)
What day is it today?
B2F food floor
B1F food floor



  • World feast hotpot

    Let's cook world feast hotpot looking for ingredients in eatobu!

  • Christmas special event

    We offer various hospitality in each floor and wait for all of you♪

  • Ladies' ARTNATURE wig display, try-on society

    Present which is nice toward try-on, the making a promise!

  • [Nishikawa of the Showa era] bedclothing sale for winter

    We offer bedclothing of Nishikawa of the Showa era with special price.

  • [OMEGA] Thursday, November 29 reopening

    "Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro OMEGA" is do in the latest design concept on Thursday, November 29, 2018...


  • HUBLOT renewal is fair

    "HUBLOT" giving off original individuality is reopened afresh.

  • [POMPADOUR] sexagenary cycle Bread advance order acceptance

    We make advance order only at store.

  • Christmas gift of 5F men's floor

    Men's clothes Christmas gift recommended Item introduction

  • Greeting the New Year feature

    ■From Thursday, December 6 ■6F No. 1 towel

  • Look at Arita ware making, the wave left; grilled sale direct from the field

    The year-end and New Year holidays when opportunities of meeting increase. Tableware which is useful for hospitality including rice bowl, teacup, pot, plate, small dish...

  • GOLF Festival

    Five proette of Samantha Thavasa position, contract comes to the store

  • <notice> Lucky bag of Tobu

    We propose from Wednesday, December 26 and take application lottery model "first dream of the year lucky bag" and start!

  • <notice> Gourmet sincerity SWEET CHRISTMAS

    You are sweet ... to color Christmas, and do you do to all of happiness?

  • <notice> North European stand Christmas market

    From miscellaneous goods to food, it is full of charm of North Europe

  • <notice> Christmas of Wachi Field fair Dayan

    We had a lot of goods of Dayan of popular character, cat.

  • <notice> Ladies' goods Christmas sale

    We had ladies' goods, Women's Shoes, casual shoes, accessories with special price.

  • <notice> GOLF Festival talk show & photography event

    On the day [ampasui] it is participation the first ten people of the golf wear purchase in [black & white] event...

  • <notice> Recruitment of TOBU strawberry ambassadors!

    "Ambassador" who heaps up strawberry sweets which Tobu Department Store recommends with confidence together...

  • Silk miscellaneous goods fair

    We introduce cold protection Item of silk material.

  • Dyed pattern cherry tree Bunzo size plate


    From Thursday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 19 ※We are closed at 4:30 p.m. on the last day The Japanese picture porcelain best...

    Art gallery

  • "Warm morning" (F4) 151,200 yen

    Takako Hoei art exhibition

    From Thursday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 19 ※We are closed at 4:30 p.m. on the last day For mysterious view of the world...

    Art art gallery

  • Cle de peau BEAUTE reopening

    It is reopening afresh 2F No. 2 [cle de peau BEAUTE] on Thursday, November 15...

  • Cerabicoat is fair

    Elegance coat for adult woman or youthful casual coat with sense of fun that adopted trend...

  • Gourmet thyme "winter pan Collection"

    It is delicious until clickety-click, the steam gently

  • We open on bakery restaurant Saint Marc Wednesday, December 5

    Popular bakery restaurant opens a store for the first time in Tobu Department Store! Of approximately 15 kinds of all-you-can-eat that we baked in shop...

    Bakery restaurant Saint Marc

  • CBG2A1Z. BA0658

    TAG Heuer fair

    We look forward to by abundant assortment of goods mainly on new work. [in TAG Heuer toward the purchase the 6F eighth...

    TAG Heuer

  • ※Image is image.

    Best cosmetic receiving a prize commemorative gift

    Takami Skin Peel Body and total Takami lip 8,550 yen (tax-included) that won Beth Koss of 2018...


  • Leather shoulder bag series made in hartmann Japan

    It is shoulder bag series which front design which let you emphasize T-shaped design is characterized by.

  • ※Image is image.

    News of FRANCK MULLER Christmas fair

    Sense of beauty to create gaiety to and "FRANCK MULLER" which continues creating refined Collection are open by Christmas fair...


  • TISSOT heritage banana

    In the sixth-floor clock Salon, we are holding TISSOT store fair!

    We offer abundant variation including new work in 2018. Only as for pair watches, now in hand...


  • Reward Wacoal pumps are fair for oneself

    It is reward for oneself who always does the best! Exhibition period: Thursday, December 6 - 19 Wednesday Place: The 2F third...

    Wacoal success walk

  • CHULO (rucksack L)


    <Christmas fair> We hold this! More than 25,000 yen tax-included during period to customer of the purchase...


  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. Sampling is possible in Event Hall, too. Please drop in. ...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • "Arm sedge in" putter conference

    [brand "arm sedge in" by golf club designer Yuji Numazawa putter conference] ...

    GOLF article "Ariga garden GOLF"

  • Mr. Hiromi Ikeda

    Glasses fashion advice by list of COLOR

    List of professional COLOR of color is choice in lenses COLOR which there was to frame design and customer who put together in scene...

    Glasses saron

  • <Triumph >FLORALE by Triumph

    <Triumph> Christmas fair

    Under Christmas fair holding During period, it is FLORALE by Triumph product or ESSE...


  • Freya is rocky

    Polaris winter fair special sale

    Elegant craftsmanship to color look It is eyeware designed for man and woman of adult. The fashion...


  • ※Image is image.

    Information for moisture addition Flex pure on seed one day

    <new sale! Moisture addition Fl pure in daily disposable soft contact lenses seed one D...

    Glasses saron

  • The top. [CAZAL] MOD4255 58,320 yen / bottom. [Otho] OTO-007 45,360 yen

    <glasses fair specially selected in glasses saron Christmas>

    Period November 23 Friday(holiday) - Tuesday, December 25 Recommended rah-rah to lifestyle...

    Glasses saron

  • Under Itoya calendar fair 2019 holding

    Itoya original calendar and calendar of directly import that buyer chose which have favorable reception every year...


  • Pants campaign of warm magic

    We warm leg and are warm from the core of the body. Under pants campaign holding of ... warm magic! ... exhibition period:...

    Beith Lee

  • Miyabi (very much)

    Sexagenary cycle ornament sale

    You display ornament of favorite "i", and do you not reach new age? "i" (wild boar) is honor of Botan meat...


  • bonerundokurisumasufea 2018

    We want to give good kio single-mindedness Of limited product only for Christmas and popular mug former and kuadorira newly...


  • Party gourmet guide

    Under year-end party & New Year meeting advance order acceptance!

  • <, as for three days a month, held conference by hearing aid manufacturer engineer>

    <, as for three days a month, held conference by hearing aid manufacturer engineer> By hearing aid manufacturer engineer "hearing...

    Hearing Gear hearing aid saron

  • Graduation, entrance to school-style of 2018-19 Tobu

    Please choose the first place to match child's fine weather look at this opportunity.

  • Decoration with battledore case

    Battledore, bow used in exorcisms sale

    Child, celebration of grandchild to reach first New Year holidays in "bow used in exorcisms" breaking devil "battledore" throwing evil aside...

    Special venue

  • Cosmetic close-up stage special event schedule

    We perform introduction of new product of cosmetics or experience-based event every week in rotation. Please drop in.  ...

    Cosmetic close-up stage

  • TISSOT "banana watch agma Ray Bing campaign"

    We carry out carved seal campaign which is special for customer of the purchase with banana watch. bananauo...



    3-WAY backpack is business series of popularity

    Business bag which adopted modern function to base in model produced in the 1980s. Bali...


  • Information for celebration set & private room dinner meeting

    Course dishes in private room relaxedly

  • Deli market Deli lunch / depa drink HOROYOI

    As for lunch, the night, lunch drops in casually and drinks a little.

  • Lunce, hors d'oeuvre of Tobu

    From well-established good flavor to simple taste

  • 2018-19 examination, interview-style

    We introduce Item that is recommended to school visit, interview of examination of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school.

  • 2018-19 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

    We introduce ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods which are recommended to school visit, interview of examination of child.

  • Restaurant cafe guide

    We introduce Restaurant Street Spice, 2F - 7F cafe.

  • Under recruitment of LINE@ friends!

    Registration of LINE @ of "Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro" "is good father kids" from this.

  • Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro formula SNS

    Other than homepage, we introduce various information of Ikebukuro Store in SNS.

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