Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

◆Guidance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro business hours◆

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F except Sundays and holidays do business every day until 9:00 p.m.
We do business without taking a rest in all facilities in April, May.
※As for 4/29 (Sunday/Holiday), 5/3 Thursday(holiday) - 5 Saturday(holiday), B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F are open until 9:00 p.m.
※Restaurant Street Spice varies in business hours. For more details, please see the following.



  • <notice> La Folle Journee TOKYO 2018

    One of the world's largest classical music that we can enjoy for picnic feeling carried out in Marunouchi Aria from 2005...

  • <notice> Golden Week event

    Event which can enjoy road safety madeoyakode from street performance is varied.

  • <notice> Cool jar pan

    The best recommended pano lineup that both taste and appearance are COEUR!

  • <notice> Sports Festival

    Season that climate becomes warm, and is very good for sports. We will enjoy easily at this opportunity!

  • <notice> Cup sweets festival

    To spoon one hand!

  • Caramel ghost house

    Caramel sweets with tea leaves of tea as secret ingredient.

  • Omusubi Ichiban 4/26( tree) NEW OPEN

    Including lunch-limited customized rice ball, All-Rounder is rich with newly made rice ball which we finished in kitchen in shop...

  • <notice> PREMIUM Friday of TOBU

    A time of the end of the month on Friday premium in Tobu!

  • Thursday, April 19 [Takami] new opening

    Skin care brand which faced each other in essence of skin born from the spot of beauty skin.

  • dioruadikutorakkapurampu

    Thursday, April 19 [Dior] reopening

    In commemoration of reopening Dior product (except some products) more than 16,200 yen (tax-included)...


  • Golden Week sale

    To fashion, living room, foods, "it is advantageous" gathers in each floor.

  • Cosmetics & beauty fair of early summer

    1 advantageous Tobu card is 2%+POINT! by purchase of cosmetics during period

  • Of Japan is good

    From spring to early summer. Put graceful seasonal taste to Japanese sweet.

  • Ladies' ARTNATURE wig display, try-on

    "We are available we can try can enjoy", and display, try-on society, please drop in casually.

  • School bag catalogue of 2019 Tobu

    School bag feature which Ikebukuro Tobu recommends

  • The 16th-floor roof beer garden "bulgogi legend β of flame"

    Bulgogi legend β Wednesday, April 25 establishment of flame. Roof beer Gade of 100m above sea level that 28,000 people arrived...

  • Thursday, March 29 [Uoriki] reopening

    Furthermore, assortment of goods is fulfilling spaciously, too!

  • Tobu choice doll for the Boy's Festival sale

    We hold sale where we collected good dolls for the Boy's Festival if we pray for healthy growth of child.

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.


    GALLERY VISCONTI of lovely mature Mrs. clothes comes up! It is daily in motif with Ribbon and frill...

    Event space

  • Information for womb writing brush

    [or we do not make womb writing brush in commemoration of birth of child] With womb writing brush downy hair of ... baby...


  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    Popular item "hachi*" becomes more delicious and debuts!

    New taste joins popular Shrimp Crackers "hachi*"! Renovate package, and become more delicious; and the new up...

    Bankaku Sohonpo

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    KIDS tote bag campaign

    We carry out campaign to get pretty tote bag of TOMMY HILFIGER ♪ [original...


  • ※It is an example of product.

    [Ginza Kanematsu] the latest introduction

    Model appears on "essential" line in spring! Was born from Ginza Kanematsu which reached the 70th anniversary; "e...

    Ginza Kanematsu

  • [weekdays limitation] ZUSSO KIDS BABY TIME

    (notice) We accept shampoo cut blow with special price! From Monday, May 7 to June 15...


  • Comfortable glasses lenses experience-based fair "seeing easily"

    Period ... Wednesday, May 16 during holding ●Far and near for two uses first as for the far and near for two uses of the unhurried latest type at hand...

    Glasses saron

  • Men's clothes vest of Easy order

    Men's clothes Easy order Of Easy order in the summer best the spring of 2018

  • Image is image.

    TIFFANY & Co. watch fair

    "TIFFANY & Co. watch is fair" from Saturday, April 21 to 30th Monday(holiday) as for the TIFFANY & Co....

    TIFFANY & Co.

  • ERGO baby try-on society

    (notice) ... baby and hug life ... to enjoy Of quite popular hug string brand "ERGO baby"...

    Blossom 39

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    JINS Switch new sale

    We add new model to popular front switch in every season and introduce. Light mosquito trendy in lenses COLOR...


  • Toko Shinoda "A CENT A" lithograph + hand coloring 63.0*91.0cm special price 880,000 yen

    Print special treatment fair [birth 110 years Kaii Higashiyama feature, buffet feature

    We display and sell excellent work of domestic and foreign popular writers, great master writer with courtesy rate in cathedral. The first half year: April...

    Art art gallery

  • ※It is image photograph.

    We put Knife name on KIYA Mother's Day and demonstrate

    Craftsman classifies the name into Knife with graver (graver) one by one. Knife purchase of KIYA, tsuviringu...


  • Dailies total one far and near for two uses

    Daily throwaway contact lenses dailies total one 1

    Period ... Tuesday, May 15 during holding Good quality that higher-grade niceness leads to all the time far from hand...

    Glasses saron

  • Image is image.

    We take a trade-in on ladies' pants and campaign

    Both fashion and heart are refreshed! "Ladies' pants" that was become unnecessary during period about one point of bringing,...

    Parts select (sweater, blouse, bottoms)

  • Glasses fashion advice by list of COLOR 

    List of professional COLOR of color is choice in lenses COLOR which there was to frame design and customer who put together in scene...

    Glasses saron

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    Of hearing aid is loss prevention accessories carelessly

    Of hearing aid is loss prevention accessories carelessly Digital hearing aid Prevention of hearing aid, falling off cord ...

    Hearing Gear hearing aid saron

  • Special BAR menu of this month

    With wine shop Enoteca, it is comfortable by paid tasting every day in rotation at bar counter of juxtaposition...

    Wine shop Enoteca

  • (the left) pajama (the right) non underwire jar shorts

    We introduce recommended Item in the spring and summer in 2018

    Do you not give important one Item of KID BLUE with 〟 yona feeling to give 〝 flower for? "Flower...


  • Contact feeling of cold tank top / contact feeling of cold three minutes length pants

    angle "new work introduction of fair & early summer of the 65th anniversary of the Asamerry"

    [of the 65th anniversary of the Asamerry] Quite popular product "Asamerry" of angle reached the 65th anniversary in this year!...


  • Information for new product of "shirokoppe" this month

    Of branch for a limited time "produce carefully, and Komeda is straw, or introduce new product of April from shirokoppe".

  • Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street gourmet thyme April issue

    Mom and kids' happiness restaurant

  • Doria and BLT sand of beef stew

    Introduction of Ikebukuro Tobu-limited menu

    You can enjoy BLT sand, doria, soup, salad, mini-dessert in one plate. ●...


  • New & renewal

    We introduce new store coloring every day more wealthily.

  • The 8F roof [blue sky CRAFT beer garden BBQ]

    We started long-awaited beer garden on Thursday, April 5! Is for a limited time, to customer using early stage...

  • Under "premium card fair" holding

    We select Item of Wacoal maternity to season and Change of body. Item of Wacoal...

    Wacoal (maternity)

  • PARFAGE 85 series

    PARFAGE spring latest introduction

    Lingerie 〝 PARFAGE letting 〝 me bloom is Saucer from "feminine" to "it is elegant"...


  • Experience, conference / Tobu glasses saron Ear Day of digital hearing aid

    <experience, conference of digital hearing aid> period: Under holding The specialized staff, each person's; "bun...

    Hearing Gear hearing aid saron

  • Deli market Deli lunch

    "Lunch" which can enjoy time for lunch from all 11 brands of deli market Aria more gorgeously one after another...

  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. Sampling is possible in Event Hall, too. Please drop in. ...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • Cosmetic close-up stage special event schedule

    We perform introduction of new product of cosmetics or experience-based event every week in rotation. Please drop in.  ...

    Cosmetic close-up stage

  • It is value lunch Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street ichioshi

    With the price reasonable for taste of shop pride

  • Spring Trickster menu Party gourmet guide

    For welcome and farewell party, toast on day of fine weather! In girls-only gathering, mom society!

  • Lunce, hors d'oeuvre of Tobu

    From well-established good flavor to simple taste

  • Underground shopping floors eat-in GUIDE

    To "choice mind light car of rice, you can enjoy taste of department store easily already."

  • Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street dining city spice gourmet

    We introduce information of menu for a limited time and each restaurant.

  • Under recruitment of kids friends who go to LINE@, and ask!

    We are delivering kids' advantageous information!

  • Under recruitment of LINE@ Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro friends

    We are delivering mainly on advantageous information and coupon of "meal"!

  • Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro formula SNS

    Other than homepage, we introduce various information of Ikebukuro Store in SNS.

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