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  • Information for Tobu original mask sale

    ■7/30 Thursday ...

  • Reliable safety measure goods all the buildings MAP

    ■8/6 Thursday ...

  • Tropical day, extremely hot day service

    ■From Wednesday, July 22 to Tuesday, August 18

  • <notice> News Sunkus is fair in LINE

    ■9/1 Tuesday ...

  • Summer present

    ■7/23 Thursday(holiday) - Sunday, August 16


    ■Wednesday, July 29 - 8/10 Monday(holiday)

  • Craftsman exhibition of midsummer

    ■From Thursday, July 30 to Tuesday, August 18

  • Tray ochi Marché

    ■Wednesday, August 5 - 18 Tuesday

  • Hot vs. Cool Summer

    ■Until Tuesday, August 18

  • HOT&COOL menu

    ■Until Monday, August 31

  • Star beer garden TOBU 16F of the sky

    ■From Thursday, June 18 to Sunday, September 6

  • Guidance of business hours

    ■Until Monday, August 31 From 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (last order food: one hour ago of closure do...

    Sky view food court

  • Tray lantern sale

    ■Until Wednesday, August 12

  • Yukata of 2020 Tobu

    ■Until Wednesday, August 12

  • Summer festival Tobu picture Festival

    We have Japanese painting, foreign film, print, ceramic art of domestic and foreign popular writers in diversity and will introduce. By all means this opportunity...

    Art art gallery

  • Summer Bridal Fair

    ■From Wednesday, July 22 to Tuesday, August 18

  • Examination, interview-style

    ■8/1 Saturday ...

  • Introduction of Zenkoku Meikasen new product

    ■8/6 Thursday ...

  • GODIVA popup shop

    ■2020/Monday, August 3 - 2021/Sunday, February 28

  • HANA 3 TERRACE (Hana sun terrace)

    ■From Thursday, July 30 to Tuesday, August 18

  • Introduction of Zenkoku Meikasen day substitute famous confection

    Recommended famous confection comes up popular cake famous confection every day in rotation.

  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. ※We do not sample by circumstances. ■Period...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • We lend room!

    Loan room charge to customer who had meal in Tatami-room (kotatsu set in the floor type) by tiger fortune free; and just...

    Tiger fortune

  • 8/5 Wednesday new sale "langue de chat o Fromage"

    8/5 Wednesday new sale "langue de chat o Fromage" It is chizukuri with white chocolate...

    Aoyama Fromage

  • Parfait of cantaloupe and peach and watermelon

    The 135th anniversary of the foundation of Shinjuku Takano menu

    We stack Fran Boise jelly, whip cream, melon granite, peach cream on layer of parfait,...


  • Gateau nante <lemonade ete>

    [bisukyuiterieburutonnu] seasonal product

    [bisukyuiterieburutonnu] ●Gateau nante <lemonade ete> 432 yen Sale period...


  • Scone

    Bakery event

    Cheesecake and scone which are loved in Roppongi, and were particular about handcrafting for 30 years are quite popular! [guddifoyu...

    Bakery event space

  • ※Image is image.

    "Marche de Paris" delivery to home menu

    "Marche de Paris" French in house delivery to home menu << for one set (two people menu contents of) >> <...

    Marche de Paris

  • [UGG] Men's & ladies' final sale

    We cut the price of popular items which you can wear right now to up to 50%

  • [1/1000 socks] POP-UP SHOP

    ■Wednesday, August 5 - 18 Tuesday

  • Royal Usher cut celebration fair

    The original cut "royal Usher cut" of brand birth 20th anniversary [royal...

    Royal Usher diamond

  • Backpack campaign

    Novelty gift original in backpack of VICTORINOX toward the purchase! It is for writing...


  • Summer sound sleep campaign

    It is clean with washable pillow anytime! During campaign period pillow and pillow case in set toward the purchase...


  • Collaboration T-shirt which is yuni-ku comes up!

    Collaboration T-shirt which is yuni-ku comes up for summer T-shirt lineup! It is multi-to have worked together this time...


  • Go with bikutorinokkusukyampen

    Novelty gift original with suitcase of VICTORINOX toward the purchase! bikuto...


  • We start sale of original school bag!

    Important school bag which complies by six years of child. Exhibition period: From Friday, July 17 to Sunday, August 16 Place...


  • [up to 70%OFF final sale holding!]

    Gap store final sale is open! It is final of Item up to 70%OFF in shop in Gap...


  • Plan of the 15th anniversary of the "Takami skin peel" birth

    su pe sharuintabyu which caused ⿊⽊ Meisa of actor of "# me new normal" "story...


  • Sports watch fair

    ■From Thursday, August 6 to Tuesday, August 18


  • Grand second Skeleton plasma ceramic

    The JAQUET DROZ latest arrival

    Latest "Grand second Skeleton plasma ceramic" was received in JAQUET DROZ 2020...


  • Officer of textiles (oribe) AH4080-10W

    CAMPANOLA fair

    We hold fair in clock floor CITIZEN mainly on CAMPANOLA new work, limited model. Japanese folkcraft "lacquering...

    Clock Salon

  • Upper shoulder bag lower handbag

    Introduction of new product of IBIZA August

    ☆Gift was to customer of purchase with lunch bag specially made by IBIZA by the first arrival - 20,000 yen or more on Saturday, August 1...


  • CITIZEN pro master is fair

    Including new product, we will usually offer a lot of lineups of sports watch without the store handling. ...


  • KUMIKYOKU &J press final sale

    ■July 23 Thursday(holiday) ... 

  • MIKI HOUSE special treatment fair

    Put everyday thanks, and is TOBU TOMONOKAI Cards in packaging (including underwear set, bedclothing set) childbirth preparations...


  • Information for Eyevol (aivoru) new product

    New works were received from popular sunglasses "Eyevol". ●FREDRIKSSON (rah-rah...

    Glasses saron

  • Kawashima Selkon Textiles order curtain fair

    It is curtain symbiosis place ranchomma for customer of contract 110,000 yen (tax-included) or more in order curtain during period...

    Kawashima Selkon Textiles shop

  • Bridal Ring Collection 2020

    ■Until Thursday, December 31

  • About fair "change of the amount of bonus" of Tobu Department Store friend

  • Special event, event, announcement about expiration date of shopping ticket

    ■5/27 Wednesday ...

  • Day stamp Cards of Tobu DE rain

    ■From Thursday, March 12 to Monday, August 31

  • Information for event holding

  • The Tokyo 2020 official shop Ikebukuro west exit Store

  • "Let's play with nikohapikizzu NHK character"

  • Kids who are good, and ask

  • Tobu royal site

  • About store which finished business

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