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7F No.1

"Let's play with nikohapikizzu NHK character"


  • 7F No.1
Exhibition period
Thursday, July 13, 2017 ...

Floor Map

"niko" But, overflow, children "are happy"; ni ...♪
Place that can be idle with all one's might while getting close to characters is finally born!

It is nikohapikizzutoha, kids' edutainment facility where learning fused with play.
"Play" It depends on this and supports growth of body, heart, head of child.

Up-and-coming point

●"inaiinaibaa!" which children love Original playground equipment which did popular characters of "same / gallaPIKO pu ... as mother" "august virtue of His Majesty the Emperor figure!" in motif is appearance!

●In "event open space," we can participate in picture with off loss key of Chain Chomp toutanya "august virtue of His Majesty the Emperor figure!" of "inaiinaibaa!"!

●There is photospot that can leave memory of family!

●There is shop which had goods of NHK characters!

Besides, a lot of content of play to work on body, heart, head.
We will disclose detailed information in future.


The use of playground equipment Rate (tax-included)
First 60 minutes Every extension 30 minutes
Less than 0 years old - second grader 1,400 yen 700 yen
Third grader - 15 years old X
Only entrance is possible
500 yen 200 yen
Protector (16 years old or older)
Only for support of child
500 yen 200 yen

※Entrance needs companion of protector 16 years or older.
※Only for adult cannot enter.
※The use of playground equipment is limited to child and protector who are lower than second grader 16 years or older.
(customer younger than third grader - 15 years old becomes only entrance.)
※I would like management in you at time to use. As it costs extension rate automatically when it is used more than 60 minutes, please be careful.
※Please refrain from meal in facilities. You can bring in drink only for drink of closing plastic bottle and water bottle of cover.

■Place: 7F No.1
■Business hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (the last entrance: at 7:00 p.m.)

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