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7F No.1

School bag catalogue of 2019 Tobu


  • School bag
Exhibition period
From Sunday, April 1, 2018 to Sunday, March 31, 2019

Floor Map

School bag feature which Ikebukuro Tobu recommends

  • It supports A4 flat file bigger than A4 clear file.

  • It supports A4 flat file.
    As there is not margin for a seam of gusset, we see compactly.

  • It is unisex model.

  • "fuwariinuigurumi" is presented by the first 100 people who had you purchase "fuwarii school bag" with this indication.

  • We put the early privilege name and give a service
    We put the name in customer of purchase with school bag with early privilege mark free by Friday, November 30, 2018 (style of handwriting varies according to manufacturers).
    ※Handing over becomes by the end of March, 2019. For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.
    ※Specifications may be changed.

  • Madras pink

    We add attractiveness to vivid plaid with Ribbon.
    Embroidery of "MP" (mezzo piano) of side is elegant, too.
    [mezzo piano]
    ●vivachie (artificial leather / approximately 1,280 g)
    108,000 yen
    With mezzo piano original pass case

  • Jewel rose

    School bag full of views of the world that made flower and embroidery of Ribbon on material with glossiness.
    [mezzo piano]
    ●kurashikarurenettonoveru (artificial leather / approximately 1,300 g)
    99,360 yen
    With mezzo piano original pass case

  • Buran blue

    Embroidery and dot print of Ribbon are stylish.
    Design which Ribbon print of the different kabuse back is lovely every COLOR, and is refined.
    [pom ponette]
    ●ryumieruburan (artificial leather / approximately 1,250 g)
    102,600 yen

  • Violet

    We express view of the world of admiration "Barbie Doll" of girl with profile of rhinestone and BARBIE.
    It is design clogged up with dream of girl.
    ●BARBIE (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,280 g)
    73,440 yen

  • Camel

    Beautiful form wearing well in simple is attractive.
    It is cowhide school bag which is usable with calm color well for six years.
    ●Cowhide mat (cowhide / approximately 1,350 g)
    84,240 yen

  • Carmine / camel

    Attractiveness that it is refined, and calm COLOR, floral design of the kabuse back are natural.
    We adopt fuwarii shoulder belt and are proud of comfort, too.
    [earth NASA]
    ●Royal antique (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,130 g)
    62,640 yen
    ※This product becomes acceptance until the end of September, 2018.
    (handing over of product is about the end of January, 2019)

  • Black / wine

    In spite of being simple design, refined coloring is impressive.
    It is school bag wearing well giving refined impression.
    [maguchan royal]
    ●Trad cube (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,200 g)
    68,040 yen

  • Black
    (C)Orobianco Japan. All rights reserved.

    School bag of "Orobianco" which we garnished the kabuse back with European ancient map and were adult-like and finished smartly.
    ●Old Map (artificial leather <clarino (R) F >/ approximately 1,210 g)
    84,240 yen

  • Black X blue

    Design with "wing" which flapped as concept. It is point before lock of "coming pita" in pursuit of coolness of boy specifications.
    [coming pita]
    ●Pita maguchan Wing (artificial leather <clarino (R) tough rock (R)>/ approximately 1,250 g) to come
    70,200 yen

Acceptance period and handing over day of pattern maid school bag
Acceptance until Friday, August 31, 2018 → Handing over after the middle of December, 2018
Acceptance until Wednesday, December 26, 2018 → Handing over after the middle of March, 2019

  • Grace lavender

    Princess school bag which made flower and tiara, embroidery of motif of carriage on luxury pearl color.
    [buraue burume]
    ●Princess Liebe (artificial leather (pearl tone processing) / approximately 1,200 g)
    81,000 yen

  • Pearl blue

    Brilliant pearl color is quite popular with girls.
    A lot of detail tickling girl's mind including cosmetic print of the kabuse back.
    [buraue burume]
    ●Princess pre-E:R (artificial leather (pearl tone processing) / approximately 1,250 g)
    70,200 yen

  • Metallic lavender

    School bag that Ribbon motif and very much good kiga of girl including crystal tack were clogged up. With wide gusset of 13.5cm, the teaching materials fully enter, too.
    [kids' net]
    ●Ribbon girl (artificial leather (clarino (R))/ approximately 1,100 g)
    60,480 yen

  • Pearl sepia X pearl peach

    Garnish gorgeous pearl-like COLOR with model push, quality of child perfect score of woman!
    We can store many teaching materials by plentiful gusset width of 13cm.
    ●Grand compact girl (artificial leather (clarino (R) re mini-mosquito (R) pearl) / approximately 1,160 g)
    59,400 yen
    ※There is school bag for boys, too.
    ※About school bag for boys, specifications are different.

    Gift including sewing!

  • Black

    We use clarino (R) Remy two mosquito (R) resisting water and dirt.
    We adopt out last (R) of temperature control material on the back back and are proud of superior function.
    [earth NASA]
    ●Stylish Collection wide type (artificial leather (clarino (R) re mini-mosquito (R))/ approximately 1,230 g)
    68,040 yen

  • Marine blue

    School bag which is good to cheerful boy using tough rock (R) resisting wound.
    It is refreshing design of cube type.
    [earth NASA]
    ●Basic cube (artificial leather (clarino (R) tough rock (R))/ approximately 1,180 g)
    64,800 yen

  • Pearl pink X pearl peach

    Give pro-pearl glittering COLOR model push of Ribbon, feeling is princess at all.
    With fuwarii shoulderstrap, back comfort is comfortable, too.
    ●Compact royal Collection (girl) (artificial leather (artificial leather (clarino (R) re mini-mosquito (R) pearl) / approximately 1,120 g)
    59,400 yen

    Gift including sewing!

  • Black X marine blue

    It features lightness and a feeling of compact of lightest Class which is under 1 kg.
    Emblem of tack and side creates not only lightness but also coolness.
    ●Compact classical music (boy) (kabuse: clarino (R) tough rock (R), body: clarino (R) F) / approximately 990 g)
    56,160 yen
    ※There is school bag for girls, too.
    ※About school bag for girls, specifications are different.

    Gift including sewing!

  • Black X Boe -

    Design and material reflecting the image of soccer have good parenthesis.
    It is active and gives an impression of cheerful boy.
    ●Soccer type (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,200 g)
    79,920 yen

  • Black X Red

    School bag which supports boy who is sports enthusiast that inside pocket took in baseball motif reflecting the image of Grove.
    ●Baseball type (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,200 g)
    79,920 yen

  • Black X blue

    Although logo of "adidas" is simple, we direct sporty feeling.
    Vivid color of the back back is stylish.
    ●e cube type (artificial leather (artificial leather (clarino (R) F) / approximately 1,110 g)
    73,440 yen

■7F No. 9 Itoya

  • We put pencil name, and it is given a service by customer of school bag purchase
    Name case lets you do exchange ticket which there is free when you purchase one dozen pencils (12) to customer who had you purchase school bag in our restaurant in Itoya.
    ●Pencil monogramming (per one dozen)
    216 yen
    ※Enter, and the name is possible in hiragana letter, katakana alphabet, kanji.
    ※We limit pencil toward the purchase in Itoya.

  • Terrestrial globe which letter is big in administrative figure and is easy to read.
    We include depth of irregularities and the sea of the mountains based on man-made satellite data.
    It is terrestrial globe which geographical features and two administrative information enter in one globe.
    [Watanabe teaching tools mill]
    ●Desk terrestrial globe Gemini WE tree stand (overall height 37cm, ball diameter 26cm/1 .2 kg)
    14,580 yen

  • Tobu Cards, TOBU TOMONOKAI, limitation of royal Cards member
    Courtesy sale special in school bag early stage

    ■2018 Thursday, May 10 - 16 Wednesday, Thursday, June 14 - 24 Sunday
    During period, some 20% of products become special treatment.
    ※Please exhibit Tobu Cards, TOBU TOMONOKAI Pass, royal Cards on special treatment.
    ※It becomes payment of Tobu Cards royal Cards or cash on purchase.
    ※For more details, ask sales floor person in charge.

  • School bag privilege of Tobu
    Six years guarantee of relief
    Repair of repair of raveling of Web, trouble of metal fittings and damage. During repair period, we rent substituted school bag free.

※The number is limited. Please be reminded there might be the case the item is sold-out.
※Color of photograph may be different from the real thing.
※Some specifications may be changed.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".