Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

B1F No. 3
Hana sun terrace

HANA 3 TERRACE (Hana sun terrace)


  • B1F No. 3
  • Hana sun terrace
  • Sweets
Exhibition period
From Thursday, October 18, 2018 to 24th Wednesday

Floor Map

We can come across new sweets that heart is excited!

Event space where 6 stores are replaced regularly
We introduce much-talked-about sweets.

Branch period: From Thursday, October 18 to Wednesday, October 24

  • Vanilla flavor of popular No .1.
    We can enjoy heavy, fluent melting.
    [Milan DOLCE TRES supade]
    ●Milan pudding cut plane (nothing)
    470 yen

  • Assorted five basic flavor is introduced by store specializing in macarons of Fukuoka.
    ●Macaron (with five)
    1,030 yen

  • Until Wednesday, October 31
    Great deal of effort is proud pole cake which put adzuki bean which we put and cooked and soft Turkish paste together.
    ●Oh, (one)
    1,296 yen

  • Thursday, October 18 - 24 Wednesday
    Rich taste that sand did custard-flavored cream to wafer dough and finished in caramel
    ●Objection caramel (with 12)
    1,080 yen

  • Thursday, October 18 - 24 Wednesday
    One article of pride that refreshing texture of apple and bourbon of secret ingredient give depth.
    ●Dutch CLAN Boe (1 cut)
    432 yen

  • Thursday, October 18 - 31 Wednesday
    We caught cream using white chocolate and Mascarpone cheese, dry apple with crunchy piecrust which did kyaramerize.
    ●furufiyuappuru (with eight)
    1,200 yen

Next time notice

●Thursday, October 25 - 27 Saturday
●Thursday, October 25 - 31 Wednesday
[Jiyugaoka roll shop]
●From Thursday, October 25 to Wednesday, November 7
[andozafuritto] [H dot]
●Thursday, November 1 - 7 Wednesday
[GMT by Good Morning Tokyo]
●Thursday, November 1 - 14 Wednesday
[potato shop first generation Senjiro] others

※Branch brand may be changed.
※During branch period of Hana sun terrace, change time may vary according to theme and event.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

B1F No. 3

Up-and-coming popular brand

Event space

  • From Thursday, October 11 to Wednesday, October 31
    [monsieur chocolate]
    Six kinds of chocolate tart using chocolate of all the countries of the world.
    ●Monsieur chocolate (with six)
    1,620 yen

  • Monday, October 1 - 31 Wednesday
    Soft serve "black zakusofuto" which we coated with "black rucksack" which purple potato paste entered and with Bamboo Coal/Bamboo Charcoal Powder white chocolate.
    1 ●Black rucksack (nothing)
    290 yen
    2 ●Black zakusofuto (nothing)
    500 yen

Konigs Krone with colorful cup cake and baked confectioneries which is full of All-Rounder
Tobu limited item comes up one after another!
[Konigs Krone]
B1F No. 3

  • Finish eating Baumkuchen of texture light, and is size; in set.
    Limited package which owl was drawn for Ikebukuro comes out.
    ●Ikebukuro Tobu-limited Baumkuchen mini (with four)
    1,512 yen
    B1F No. 5

Tobu plan product is original product which is available only in Tobu.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".