Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

B1F No. 3
Hana sun terrace

HANA 3 TERRACE (Hana sun terrace)


  • B1F No. 3
  • Hana sun terrace
  • Sweets
Exhibition period
From Thursday, December 13, 2018 to 25th Tuesday

Floor Map

We can come across new sweets that heart is excited!

Event space where 6 stores are replaced regularly
We introduce much-talked-about sweets.

Branch period: From Thursday, December 13 to Tuesday, December 25

  • Thursday, December 6 - 19 Wednesday
    Refreshing sweets which we caught lemon cream with lemon beer in with puff cloth of light lemon flavor gently.
    [Tokyo lemon Che]
    ●Tokyo lemon Che (with eight)
    1,556 yen

  • We introduce nice smell texture delightful chocolate sand cooky of nuts to spread.
    ●Tokyo nattishokorasando (with eight pieces)
    1,383 yen

  • Refined taste that filberts was united with bitter chocolate which sweet flavor of black truffle salt spread through gently.
    [Kobe chocolate]
    ●BUDDY CHOCOLATE black truffle salt & filberts bitter (200 g)
    1,296 yen

  • We introduce macaron which is full of colors that we matched in the four seasons in Japan.
    ●Macaron (with five)
    1,030 yen

  • From Thursday, November 1 to January, 2019
    We dry domestic and foreign fruit for low temperature long time without using sugar. We can enjoy fruit original flavor and taste.
    [a lot comfort shop (tatarachiya)]
    ●Ten kinds of live dry mixed (50 g)
    1,401 yen

  • Thursday, December 13 - 19 Wednesday
    It is native district cake of Kumamoto who puts bean jam containing whole beans on sweet potato, and wraps in sticky dumpling leather, and steamed.
    [bear purely]
    ●Kumamoto Ikinaridango (nothing)
    184 yen

  • Thursday, December 20 - 25 Tuesday
    We send feeling of maximum "hospitality" that the Meiji Memorial continues keeping since the opening for "impression of taste".
    [Meiji Memorial Kanomi no Mori]
    ●Santa bear (diameter approximately 15cm)
    3,456 yen
    ※Sale of this product is - 25 Tuesday on Saturday, December 22.

  • Thursday, December 20 - 25 Tuesday
    Moist melty tiramisu cake which packed one drop with taste tightly.
    ●shokoradopuresso (with 12)
    1,080 yen

Next time notice

●From Wednesday, December 26 to Wednesday, January 9
[butter Butler] [Tsukiji Chitose] [bean and mankyu] [Tomihisa shop] [febu, Waraku Beniya]

※Branch brand may be changed.
※During branch period of Hana sun terrace, change time may vary according to theme and event.
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

B1F No. 3

Up-and-coming popular brand

Konigs Krone with colorful cup cake and baked confectioneries which is full of All-Rounder
Tobu limited item comes up one after another!
[Konigs Krone]
B1F No. 3

  • Finish eating Baumkuchen of texture light, and is size; in set.
    Limited package which owl was drawn for Ikebukuro comes out.
    ●Ikebukuro Tobu-limited Baumkuchen mini (with four)
    1,512 yen
    B1F No. 5

Tobu plan product is original product which is available only in Tobu.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".