Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

8-11 address

B2F food floor 8-11 address New&Renewal


  • Meat
  • Fresh fish
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Well-known store
  • Bizarrerie Surrey
Exhibition period
Thursday, July 19, 2018 ...

Floor Map

B2F food floor 8-11 address opens afresh!

Why? Because itobu is waiting. Tobu food floor RENEWAL OPEN.
eatobu (itobu)
[eatobu (itobu)]
Food floor which opens in 8-11 address of B2F, B1F.
B1F which sweets, bakery, deli, shop of liquor gather.
In B2F replaced with a new one this time fruit, vegetables, meat, discerning specialty store including fish in a row. We color everyday dining table.

10/11( tree) B2F food floor new shop

  • New Open department store first to go out shop

  • PREMIUM tea maison representing France bringing up original recipe born in tradition and modern, innovative flavor is appearance.
    New Open
    [Kusumi tea]
    ●Essence pure ADDICT (125 g)
    3,888 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 10

  • Global high quality olive oil brand which was born in the Netherlands in 1999.
    New Open department store first to go out shop

  • "Provide, and grow on; have make Japanese cuisine which oku" is healthy in "soup stock" and "koji", and is good deliciously easily; help.
    New Open The first branches of the whole country
    [grow on oku]
    Is tomato; and koji (120 g)
    594 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 10 

  • Renewal

  • New Open department store first to go out shop
    We collected "delicious articles" due to hand of craftsman who was particular about manufacturing from all over Japan.
    It is shop which buyer collects only articles which felt, "we want to recommend to customer heartily" and made.
    [fourth or fifth lunar month temple]
    ●Get wet; dorayaki (nothing)
    216 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 10

10/4( tree) Renewal Open

■B2 Floor Area 10

  • Cafe au lait-style bread characterized by rich flavor and sweetness using California raisin and coffee.
    ●Cafe o rezan (nothing)
    734 yen

9/27( tree) Renewal Open

[San Marco]
■B2F No. 8

Store specializing in European curry which taste of the orthodox school can enjoy casually is renewed.
We offered advantageous menu and good bargain product.

9/13( tree) B2F food floor No. 11 OPEN

  • It is recommended person product who baked discerning eel with vaunted sauce [Japan's most].
    [Japan's most]
    ●Eel kabayaki (extra-large) (one)
    2,538 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 11

9/6( tree) B2F food floor 9.10 address OPEN

CHANGE AGAIN! Privileges in commemoration of new open and renewal are varied, too!

Renewal [Kyushuya] ■B2 Floor Area 9

Discerning product to recommend with confidence

  • Rinse-free rice that 2 go errand limit is nice.
    We seal up rice of various parts of Japan and pack.
    It is GOOD to use properly to cooking.
    ●A lot of cocome 2 go rice (for each 2 go)
    258 yen - 288 yen

  • Crunchy texture of Japanese yam and flavor of sesame are Accent.
    ●Japanese yam hail Furikake condiment for rice (plum jiso taste, wasabi taste, okaka taste) (for each 100 g)
    For each 864 yen

8/2( tree) B2F food floor 8-11 address OPEN

With sweets 2 store where is popular as "demonstration sweets,"
3 "fresh fish" proud of overwhelming assortment of goods stores open afresh!

With "demonstration sweets," we offer juice using fresh fruit other than imagawayaki and soft serve to be able to enjoy easily.
In "fresh fish" corner, store specializing in tuna and store specializing in dried fish come up including general fresh fish for the first time.
Please drop in at this opportunity.

  • In vaunted roux which took stock with squid innards, it is topping with prawns and squid, colorful vegetables.
    It is special curry of takeout which we can eat only in Ikebukuro Tobu.
    [Hokushin of fish]
    Tobu plan product
    ●North Sea curry (one)
    810 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 10

  • Relievedly breath "demonstration sweets" RENEWAL
    ■B2 Floor Area 9
    Shop of imagawayaki using adzuki bean totebo bean of Tokachi is renewed. Appearance first as for the popular adzuki bean software.
    It is the first among Kanto
    ●Adzuki bean software (none of the regular size)
    380 yen

Well-known store, other Aria

Thursday, July 19 New&Renewal

"Well-known store" corner and bizarrerie Surrey (partly) that collected tea, seaweed, foods boiled in soy, well-established taste of coffee at B2F No. 9 opened afresh.
It is available as present to important one widely, and a lot of have one article to attach color to daily dining tables. Please drop in.

B1F 8-11 address food floor is this

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