Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

B2F, B1F
8-11 address

"eatobu" (itobu) is fully open


  • Meat
  • Fresh fish
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Well-known store
  • Bizarrerie Surrey
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Thursday, November 1, 2018 ...

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"eatobu" (itobu) which is delicious, but gathers. Taste of much-talked-about popular shop increases, too, more splendidly noisily.

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[eatobu] Then Christmas is more delicious!
■B2F, B1F 8-11 address

  • [Kusumi tea]
    1 ●supeamintogurinti
    2 ●Four Red fruit (for each 125 g)
    For each 3,240 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 10

  • [fruit shop Aoki]
    ●Strawberry BOX (one)
    1,620 yen
    ■B2 Floor Area 9

  • Advance order-limited
    [minimal bean toe bar chocolate]
    ●Chocolate terrine (nothing)
    3,510 yen
    ■Advance order period: Until Wednesday, December 12
    ■Handing over day: Saturday, December 22
    ■B1F No. 8

  • Advance order-limited
    [deijii Tokyo]
    ●Premium decoration (nothing)
    5,184 yen
    ■Advance order period: Until Monday, December 10
    ■Handing over period: Saturday, December 22 - 25 Tuesday
    ■B1 Floor Area 9

  • Well-known store
    Well-known store Aria
  • Event space
    Event space


Store specializing in meat Sugimoto

  • Founding 1900, meat of well-established "Sugimoto" of meat, meat side dish shop.
    We have meat sale mainly on aged meat and side dishes such as Lunce, fried food, hamburger of butcher shop.


  • Gift of ham and shop saiboku of Vienna sausage
    Shop of "Saiboku Ham" in Hidaka-shi, Saitama.
    Other than rare super Golden pork, we prepared abundantly article including ham sausage which won gold medal in DLG (German Agricultural Society).


  • For well-established guts and pride. We were particular from meat processing to sales system to be the best state, and to send high-quality meat.
    Was thorough in company factory; temperature-control, and provide the dismantling, product got fixed with smooth service only in specialty store by meeting sale method under the sanitary control.

Fresh fish

3 "fresh fish" proud of overwhelming assortment of goods stores open afresh!

Hokushin of fish

  • Bluefin tuna dismantling sale by tuna adviser "pan" to carry out regularly is popular.
    We offer recipe of the food coordinator supervision.
    Nice small quantity facial mask is enriched for single life.

Okawa fisheries

  • We send discerning dried-salted fish thing for "delicious joy" of customer "to spend taste of culture".
    We handle dried-salted fish thing mainly on "one of string".
    From company studio of Tokyo and Numazu, we send discerning "one of string" of reliable security to customer.
    We continue looking for method to draw charm of fish for "delicious joy" of customer to the maximum from now on.

Misaki Maguro wholesale dealer gold seal

  • "Misaki Maguro wholesale dealer gold seal" which tuna wholesale dealer of Kanagawa Misaki fishing port runs.
    Store specializing in tuna is daring using the selected material, and "gold seal bowl" (bowl full of tuna) which we served is our shop sign product.
    Using fish landed in grip of various kinds of tuna and "seafood bowl" and Misaki who, besides, used seafood abundantly "push, finish, and grasp", and can taste nado seafood to one's heart's content.

Fruits and vegetables


  • We provide fresh security, relief that professional of fruits and vegetables kept on choosing, delicious vegetables and fruit.
    We have seasonal vegetables, fruit which grew wealthily.
    Commencing with "Kyushuya festival on 9th," vegetables, fruit are good bargains every month on Friday month a week.
    With Kyushuya, we send right-mindedness having just finished being able to just adopt blessing of harvested fruits and vegetables seasonally to customer in the whole country.

Fruit shop Aoki

  • You can enjoy fruit and fruit tart that Meister of store specializing in fruit "fruit shop Aoki" founded in 1924 mastery of skills selected carefully.

Bizarrerie Surrey


  • Place that can come across taste of genuine soup stock
    We continued business through dried bonito and soup stock since its formation in 1699 (Genroku 12).
    We will pursue better dried bonito from now on as store specializing in dried bonito.


  • "bi*gen" (miso gene) of store specializing in miso soup.
    We develop original miso soup which was particular about the subject matter and miso soup which we do bi*shiruitochu becoming smile unintentionally, miso soup of coffee substitute and are, and kind including espresso has abundantly.


  • Supermarket specialized in ORGANIC born in biosebompari
    We add to import food which is rich in butter, cheese and cake, seasoning imported by home France and have domestic production food, baby food, daily necessities such as tofu or natto which are indispensable to daily dining tables widely.

Ayuya town

  • Rolled drapery of Ayuya continues being loved as sea tangle roll which featured the theme of nature and original dishes of health for approximately 40 years.
    "Sweetfish winding of Ayuya" is drawing card product of bestseller in Ayuya of sea tangle roll. We bind domestic sweetfish with whole one of them, Hokkaido kelp and finish in light seasoning that we made use of the subject matter in.

Kusumi tea

  • PREMIUM tea maison on behalf of France having both tradition and innovation

Provide, and grow on; oku

  • "Provide, and grow on, and oku" has busy housewives make healthy, good Japanese cuisine with "soup stock" and "koji" deliciously easily; help.

Oil & vinegar

  • Oil & vinegar shrine which there is in the world more than 100 stores is specialty store of high-quality extra virgin oil and vinegar.


  • We have all the countries of the world, rare product of each places of the whole country.
    In KITANO ACE, we always have pleasant product to eyes.
    KITANO ACE which makes individual shops when we want to send delicious thing to local all of you.
    We look forward to all the staff, visit.

In the neighbor. Japanese department store

  • Shop which we gathered only special dishes which felt that buyer of Japanese department store ran around production center of 47 metropolis and districts and wanted to recommend to customer heartily and made ". Japanese department store.
    Shop where not only we only display products, but also "land, builder, material" is seen.
    Shop where customer who is "master" can meet producer who is "builder."
    There is request for all the staff when it wants to be "place = shop" where such an interchange is born.
    From special dish of various parts of Japan, look for one article of favorite.



  • We go original manufacturing method 〖 one store one bunch system 〗 in POMPADOUR.
    We add studio to sales floor and display in grilled ritsu teosuguni floor by kiln of studio. In other words, we can just taste taste hot from the oven.
    Bread of POMPADOUR continues increasing since its formation, current recipe more than anything and 1,300 kinds.
    It is basic goods that 100-150 kinds, about half are got close to forever from that that one store prepares, but, as for staying, Manager sale of each shop provides order to the production staff depending on needs of local customer from recipe.
    Individuality of the shop becomes able to attain.
    We can come across new Bread even if we come whenever. Pleasure to come across and pleasure to choose to customer.
    It is what POMPADOUR values with making delicious Bread.

Ginza Kimuraya

  • We send taste and tradition that we continued following for founding 147 years.
    Other than popular liquor class bean-jam bun, have sweet roll, bread; soroi ereorimasu.
    One, one, traditional taste to handcraft heartily. We look forward to all the staff, visit.

Eat-in, others

San Marco

  • We include curry which we blend spice of 20 several kinds and fitted carefully in dish with season and season and send to your table.
    Curry house San Marco provides full-scale curry that ingredients including spice cannot taste European curry which is the origin of Japanese curry in concept at discerning home

Marufuku coffee restaurant

  • Founding 1934.
    We continued following taste of discerning heavy, rich and tasty coffee for original roast, sampling method.
    You can enjoy taste of superior bean every production center in Ikebukuro Store and offer to traditional pancake and seasonal sweets to bake with copperplate from light meals such as pasta.

Look at anmitsu; chopsticks

  • Is founded in 1948, and look at anmitsu; chopsticks
    We do seeing and, in Tobu Ikebukuro Store, offer sweetness to make with discerning material.
    We offer anmitsu and oshiruko, snow cone which are full of variations using ingredients which we put together in season for a limited time.
    In addition, hospitality of downtown area valuing conversation with customer and shop cozy brightly are inner.
    We look forward to than all the staff feeling.


  • Genuine taste that flavor to be born is full of adzuki bean and hand my late kara selected carefully
    When smiles that it was said that it is warm overflow from customer who had "Gozasoro" in the hand at store which kept entertainment, we continue baking with hot thought to one one.

Japan's most

  • It is 150 years since its formation in the Kaei era year.
    Traditional taste that hit domestic eel, skewer, and tore and was particular about roast, all.
    It is eel specialty store to build up with feelings to secret sauce, all not to be removed from the premises inheriting taste of river fish wholesale dealer "Nihonichi" which "we hit skewer and tear and founded in technique of roast", the Kaei era year which domestic live eel sorted strictly, handwork of craftsman shine.


  • Store specializing in homemade kimchi which was particular about authentic taste in Korea
    We offer All-Rounder-rich kimchi and side dish, lunch, homemade condiment.
    Good dishes of Balance based on the yaksik same source of way of thinking to become medicine line up, and, also, all the things to eat suggest product which can just enjoy taste of Yotsuya Main Store at home.

SADAMATSU juice & sweets

  • Please enjoy juice & soft serve using vegetables, fruit performed having a practised eye of by professional "Sadamatsu" of fruits and vegetables.
    Juice makes by one cup after customer ordered.
    In addition, soft serve offers milk software which was particular about taste and flavor and fruit software using seasonal fruit.
    Please enjoy juice & sweets in pursuit of the freshness and taste.

Well-known store

"Well-known store" which collected tea, seaweed, foods boiled in soy, well-established taste of coffee at B2F No. 9 corner opened afresh.
It is available as present to important one widely, and a lot of have one article to attach color to daily dining tables. Please drop in.

Yamamoto Noriten

  • It is founded in 1849 (Kaei 2) for the seaweed person line 160 rest of life: Yamamoto Noriten.
    As for the origin of "Maurume" mark, good-quality seaweed is associated with thing, seaweed gathered during the cold season when plum blossoms bloom respecting flavor in the same way as plum blossoms at the time of founding.
    Around the second generation, we got support of customer in epoch-making sales system for those days.
    In addition, the Emperor Meiji is assigned souvenirs from this sound to word father at royal visit to Kyoto in 1869 (Meiji 2) and we take pains for the first time in Japan and invent "mifukaikoke" and are beginning of mifukaikoke which this is generalizing now.

Yamagata seaweed restaurant

  • In 1764 (Meiwa 1), Yamakataya Noriten publishes reputation in Nihonbashikoamicho; 250 rest of life.
    We made full use of the eternal skill and elegant new technology that traditional, were cultivated to send taste that seaweed stayed good to many people since product made in wound of "roasted laver" more.
    It begins to roasted laver, seasoned laver and handles various seaweed products including chazuke and foods boiled in soy.


  • Founding 1690 (Genroku 3) Nihonbashi Yamamotoyama
    We have tea and seaweed widely.

Tsukuda boiled in soy sauce

  • We send genuine taste without deception to customer today.
    We, product of Tsukuda food do not use food additives at all.
    We make food without additives to have customer taste material original taste in us.

Shinbashi Tamakiya

  • Shinbashi Tamakiya is founded in 1782 and is long-established store foods boiled in soy Store of Tokyo, Shimbashi lasting nine generations.
    Including Edo-style foods boiled in soy that secret sauce which tells, and was inherited is valid from founding, even boiled beans and the media have attendant of delicious rice including much-talked-about Furikake condiment for rice, ochazuke a lot.
    Please enjoy taste, each new which traditional flavor and modern sense adopted.

Aikoku Seicha

  • Aikoku Seicha which conveys heart of tea
    Aikoku Seicha respected "heart of harmony, reverence, purity and tranquility" since its formation and wrestled for development of product which followed tradition, and was loved for "genuine taste" by all of you, and was got close to.
    Aikoku Seicha feels relieved for "heart of tea" carefully and we devote ourselves to the making of safe tea and will send reliable taste and flavor.

Nihon Seicha

  • It is 60 rest of life from founding. Tea with "trust" kept on choosing "reliable" "dignity."
    We realize offer of high quality tea by reliable security by wrestling with feelings from production of tea leaves.

Capital Coffee

  • Capital Coffee of beautiful taste
    All the coffee of KAPITAL roasts in company factory and are doing limited production of diversified products and even if it is non-efficiency, they perform hand pick and hang labor and time and pursue good quality. We want customer to spend happy time with smile.
    We continue with such thought.

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