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Exhibition period
Thursday, August 30, 2018 ...

New&Renewal shop comes up one after another afresh this autumn. Please polish your fashion.

8/23( tree) Renewal Open

Skinny sa where acumen in the present times when power of shoulder was lost and person wearing are seen slimly, good-quality material and silhouette ... which feel pleasantly
We suggest stylish yet practical clothes for translucent adult woman who became independent who 22 OCTOBRE is clear, and is dignified.
Casual line "Weekend Line" suggesting styling on holiday of Weekend from this season comes up!
■4F No. 2 22 OCTOBRE

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

8/23( tree) Renewal Open

Like haakubademo oneself trendy in styling which is "NOBLE"
It is Collection which gets image in lady style which is Elegance which "reply Tellah" of this season values pleasure of being dressed and feelings full of life, and was studded with feminine mood, and charms in mode conservative.
■4F No. 4 reply Tellah

Emilio donkey
8/23( tree) Renewal Open

Sales floor moved to 4F No. 5 from Thursday, August 23.
Space takes its course widely, too, and you can see product.
It keeps calm work of white-collar healing summer fatigue in store.
■4F No. 5 Emilio donkey

8/30( tree) New Open

The first real shop of ladies' fashion catalogue "DAMA"
With DAMA (Dharma), it is meaning called lady in Italian. It is word that symbolized women polishing Elegance while repeating age.
■4F No. 5 Dharma

We present comfortable inner for DAMA to the first 100 people of purchase more than 16,000 yen (tax-included) during period on - 12 Wednesday on Thursday, September 6.

9/6( tree) New Open

Brand which was born in France which was popular in Japan.
It is refined while being simple and is functional.
It is easy to dress even on well in off, and the first place is brand which we want to have.
■3F No. 5 A.P.C.

[open novelty]
We present tote bag by the first arrival toward the purchase more than 32,400 yen (tax-included).
※The number is limited.

9/6( tree) New Open

In "My," "mine" "strada" is Italian in English; "way."
[Mystrada] to go ahead through way which woman who found quality of oneself imagined.
We suggest wardrobe to woman with delicate, flexible axis.
■3F No. 9 my Strada

[open novelty]
Cardigan original more than 32,400 yen (tax-included) toward the purchase by the first arrival
We present.
※The number is limited.

9/6( tree) New Open

Graduation hakama, long-sleeved kimono, costumes for rent shop mainly on Japanese binding including the Seven-Five-Three Festival open nu.
As coming-of-age ceremony of the next year and rental acceptance for graduation ceremony start, please reserve early.
■4F No.9 costumes for rent

9/6( tree) Renewal Open

British well-established brand, the second line of Mackintosh.
Style with classical music and times characteristics is popular.

We present tote bag to customer of purchase more than 21,600 yen (tax-included) (it should be finished as soon as we disappear).

9/6( tree) Renewal Open

We suggest higher-grade wearing with a feeling of Lich of lady who is adult that feeling does not forget attractiveness properly while leaving.
[JUSGLITTY] realizing ideal "adult mekawaii style" is reopened!

[reopening novelty]
More than 32,400 yen (tax-included) toward the purchase by the first arrival original color knit
We present.
※The number is limited.

9/6( tree) Renewal Open

Pleats series of wide step which printed HOUSE print reflecting the image of colorful building to cloth of suede touch comes up.
●Dress (polyester 100%/ one-size-fits-all /2 color)
27,000 yen

9/6( tree) Renewal Open

It is founded in Kyoto in 1663.
It is well-established store specializing in incense, tools for Japanese sentence.
We expand product and sum accessory with sense of the seasons more and tell about charm of culture of the sum.

[reopening novelty]
We give original Scent Pouch to the first 100 people of purchase more than 3,240 yen (tax-included).

9/14( iron) New Open

Select shop which handles stylish seasonal import Item that we selected mainly on original line in all the countries of the world.
It is brand treating arrival at good-quality daily life that was particular about "material" corresponding to various life scene of adult "comfort" "wearing".
■3F No. 10 PLS+T

[open novelty]
We present original tote bag by the first arrival toward the purchase more than 10,800 yen (tax-included) from Friday, September 14.
※The number is limited.

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