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Thursday, October 11, 2018 ...

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Christmas cake early advance order privilege
■From Thursday, October 11 to Wednesday, November 14

From person who made a reservation of cake of Christmas cake catalogue publication at store during period
We present shopping ticket 10,000 yen share that ten people can use in food floor by lot.

※We get successful news with shipment of prize.
(going to send out in the end of November)
※As for the details, please see application paper to hand at the time of advance order.
※Advance order on the Internet is inapplicable.

10/4( tree) RENEWAL

■B2 Floor Area 10
  • Cafe au lait-style bread characterized by rich flavor and sweetness using California raisin and coffee.
    ●Cafe o rezan (nothing)
    734 yen

Information for Japanese and Western liquors
  • 2018 madder Kirishima sales
    It is taste that is full of color to feel fruity body and Marumi indulgently.
    ●Madder Kirishima (one /900ml)
    1,269 yen <limitation 300 points>
    ■B1F No. 11 Japanese and Western liquors
  • 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau
    We lift the ban on Thursday, November 15

    Under advance reservation acceptance!
    It is treated 5% warmly than stated value until Wednesday, October 31

    Young sake of every year much-talked-about light red wine.
    In the finish which is excellent this year.
    ●Beaujolais Virage nouveau vieiyu vinyu (one /750ml)
    3,780 yen
    ■Handing over, sale period: From Thursday, November 15
    ■B1F No. 11 wine shop Enoteca

※The number is limited. Forgive on sellout.
※Traffic conditions, please note that there is non-arrival, contents change on account of the diversity.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".