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Sophie period limited sale of Kirin!


  • Child clothing
  • Sophie of Kirin
  • For a limited time
Exhibition period
From Thursday, October 4, 2018 to 24th Wednesday

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Sophie's cade beads rattle set
Sophie's cade beads rattle set
So pure Sophie + Sophie teething ring BOX
So pure Sophie + Sophie teething ring BOX

We handle Sophie series of popular Kirin for a limited time!

Toy of Kirin was born in France in 1961.
Since Rebel, we are told, "the French are brought up in Sophie" and are famous toy which is loved all over the world.
Series, mug with BOX which was most suitable for gift, other new works were for a limited time and had from basic toy this time. Please obtain at this opportunity!

<< Sophie period-limited sale of Kirin >>
Holding place: 7F No. 2 special venue (child article)
The holding date and time: From Thursday, October 4 to Wednesday, October 24
※The last day until 5:00 p.m. 
Contact Child article floor 03-5951-8662 (directly)

Item that is most suitable for gift with original message Cards and handbag in BOX.
Loveliness of Sophie becomes more attractive.
[Sophie of Kirin]
●Sophie's cade beads rattle set
(Sophie: natural rubber, food paint rattle :ASB resin, polyester, others /BOX size 225 X 215 X 65)
5,400 yen

Teething ring is form of face of Sophie.
It is good at time when there are a lot of places to chew, and rough part feels itchy at its tooth.
[Sophie of Kirin]
●So pure Sophie + Sophie teething ring BOX
(paint /BOX size 190 X 245 X 65 for natural rubber, meal)
4,104 yen

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