Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

B2F No. 4

[Cheep-Cheep bower] New Open


  • Cheep-Cheep bower
  • New Open
Exhibition period
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Floor Map

Traditional taste of Yokohama Western cuisine restaurant which we brought up with true heart and feelings for 35 years.

New Open Open commemorative sale
[Cheep-Cheep bower]
1 ●Western-style low dining table (Demi hamburger)
864 yen
<10/11( tree), 20 points of 12 Friday every day limitation
30 points of> every day-limited on 10/13( soil), 14 Sunday

2 ●Aya low dining table
Ten points of 756 yen <every day-limited>
■Thursday, October 11 - 14 Sunday
■B2F No. 4

※Traffic conditions, please note that there is non-arrival, contents change on account of the diversity.

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