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8F Event Hall

Semiannual men's discerning big sale


  • Semiannual
  • 8F Event Hall
Exhibition period
From Wednesday, October 17, 2018 to 23rd Tuesday
It is started in the afternoon at 5:00 on Wednesday, October 17
※We are closed at 7:00 p.m. on the last day 

Floor Map

As for style and the price business suit of oneself preference.

  • Both quality and price are assortment of goods of two yoridori assent.
    The left. ●Business suit (Y4 - BB7)
    Two yoridori 27,000 yen
    The right. ●Use of import cloth suit (Y4 - BB7)
    Two yoridori 37,800 yen

  • This trendy three-piece-style in the fall and winter.
    The left. ●Three-piece suit (Y4 - BB7)
    Two yoridori 37,800 yen
    The right. [Leda]
    ●Use of cloth three-piece suit (hair 100%/Y4 - AB7)
    31,320 yen

Wide lineup that we matched with scene from autumn to winter.

  • Articles of trust including domestic sewing with special price.
    The left. ●Jacket (100% wool) made in Japan
    37,800 yen
    ●Slacks (100% wool) made in Japan
    12,960 yen
    The right. [Zegna]
    ●Use of cloth country sewing suit (95% wool, cashmere 5%/A4 - BB7)
    58,320 yen

  • With selected coat, we refine and coordinate.
    The left. [KENT Avenue]
    ●Coat (dress material: 100% cotton)
    37,800 yen
    ●Blazer (dress material: 85% wool, 12% nylon, 3% polyurethane)
    30,240 yen
    ●Slacks (85% wool, 12% nylon, 3% polyurethane)
    12,960 yen
    The right. ●Tobu original stand-up collar coat (hair 100%/M, L)
    43,200 yen <limitation ten points>

  • [famous brand]
    ●A lot of long-sleeve shirts
    4,104 yen

  • [famous brand]
    ●A lot of tie
    5,400 yen

  • ●A lot of slackses
    12,960 yen

  • [urutimatokyo]
    1. ●Rucksack
    15,120 yen
    2. ●Leather brief case
    49,140 yen

  • [famous brand]
    ●A lot of business shoes
    From 10,800 yen

Cashmere feature
The soft feel and refined luster.
It was various and offered articles of outstanding performance in coming season.
  • ●A lot of cashmere knit
    From 14,040 yen

  • ●A lot of cashmere mufflers
    6,480 yen

"LEAVES" (Reeves) from Hakata made in Japan
We sell on a qualified scale during nature leather water link leather period of water-resistant

  • 1. ●4WAY shoulder rucksack
    29,160 yen
    2. ●Tote bag
    19,440 yen

  • As you infiltrate special ingredient into leather, you become obstinate, and there is not surface quality deterioration and can use even if you get wet with water.
    It is usable on rain and snowy day and flips liquid and can drop surface dust and dirt by washing in water.

  • We present "original coin case" to make to the first 20 people more than Reeves Corporation product 20,000 yen (tax-included) on the spot in every day of purchase on 10/20( soil), 21 Sunday. (manufacture time around 15 minutes)

  • Simultaneous holding Tailored sale

    Two yoridori feature
    Tailored suit (newly made)
    Two yoridori 60,480 yen, 82,080 yen
    ※By necessary length of cloth of clothing material, we may not meet request.
    Import brand (newly made) free to do combination
    [Zegna] [Loro Piana] [Talia]
    It is 108,000 yen - 129,600 yen with the second place

  • Special plan Carrier suit feature for working woman

    ●Ladies' carrier suit three-piece set (jacket skirt pants)
    10,584 yen

Special offer

  • ●A lot of jackets
    5,400 yen <limitation 50 points>
    ●A lot of casual jackets
    10,800 yen <limitation 20 points>
    ●A lot of men's formal suits
    21,600 yen <limitation ten points>
    ●A lot of wool alpaca blend knit
    10,800 yen <limitation 20 points>

  • ●A lot of shirts
    Two points of yoridori 4,320 yen
    ●A lot of tie
    Two points of yoridori 4,320 yen
    ●A lot of suitcases
    10,800 yen <limitation 20 points>
    ●A lot of business bags
    10,800 yen <limitation 50 points>
    ●Use of tailored [DORMEUIL] cloth suit
    64,800 yen <limitation five points>

We repair (for nothing), and slacks hem is free by LINE@ friend registration

We can acquire special coupon when we have friend of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro LINE@ register.
We accept "the slacks hem rectification 1 duty" in free of charge to customer of the purchase with two yoridori suits in the afternoon in "men's discerning big sale" venue during period on - 23 Tuesday at 5:00 Wednesday, October 17.
Please exhibit coupon screen delivered in LINE@.
※For more details, visit to salesperson.

Please register in "ID search" or "QR cord" from "friend addition" of LINE.

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
※The number is limited. Forgive on sellout.
※Traffic conditions, please note that there is non-arrival, contents change on account of the diversity.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".