Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

"July, 2018 heavy rain," it is "2018 typhoon 21 size" and "2018 Hokkaido Iburi eastern part Earthquake" disaster
We give to all of you suffered from in this more heartily.

2018 Hokkaido Iburi eastern part Earthquake
Request of disaster support donation cooperation

In Tobu Department Store, we work on the store fund-raising for stricken area support.
We send support donation that I took from all of you to stricken area through the Japanese Red Cross Society.
I would like cooperation.
[setting place, period of collecting box]
■Seasonal plan during B1F No. 6, No. 8 information desk from Monday, September 10 to October
■Seasonal plan during 1F No. 3, No. 9 information desk from Monday, September 10 to October
■8F 1, 2.3 address Event Hall Thursday, September 13 - 25 Tuesday

Guidance of Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro business hours

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
※B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address), 9F, 10F
Except Sundays and holidays do business every day until 9:00 p.m.
We do business without taking a rest in all facilities in September, October.
※9/23 (Sunday/Holiday) B2F - 3F, 6F (3-7 address),
9F, 10F is open until 9:00 p.m.

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※Restaurant Street Spice varies in business hours. For more details, please see the following.



  • Delicious NEWS

    We introduce autumn new work

  • We introduce autumn new work

    Limited sweets to be able to taste only at seasonal time

  • Size Weeks autumn size weeks

    Special two weeks to keep abundant size in approximately 40 regular shops of 3, 4F!

  • New Year dishes of 2019 Tobu

    We offered Tobu original New Year dishes, restaurant, well-known store New Year dishes and others, various New Year dishes.

  • Sports Festa lottery

    It is test of luck in "sports festival lottery" autumn of sports

  • Autumn Shimoitabashi warehouse sale

    Food / woman fashion goods / ladies' clothes / men's clothes / sporting goods / living room article / baby, children's clothes

  • redisuatonechauiggu display, try-on society

    Do you not enjoy autumn fashion for light feeling softly?

  • Parfait of akika

    Introduction of menu of iketaihigashibugenteiakika

    We finished to Japanese-style parfait in powdered green tea pudding, bean jam sauce. Please enjoy akika together. ●...


  • News of mezzo piano pro photographer shooting fair

    Of latest dress "pastel candy a la mode" in commemoration of the mezzo piano 30th anniversary macaron COLOR...

    Mezzo piano

  • farufare TRES cord period-limited POPUPSHOP

    [farufare] POP UP SHOP of [TRES cord] opens for a limited time

  • Men's clothes tailored autumn best of Easy order

    We will introduce autumn clothing clothing material which you can put on at good bargain price from now on. Product made in Italy high-quality including functional material...

  • Crab miso miso Chinese-style noodles

    Collaboration menu feature of Hokkaido Fair of meal

    Sale such as crab miso miso Chinese-style noodles or clam chowder with holding of Hokkaido food fair with Hokkaido spatula crab...

    Sky view food court

  • Gourmet thyme 2018 Autumn

    Autumn seasonal feeling menu

  • <notice> Minimal bean toe bar chocolate

    Experience made with child chocolate!

  • XL1608

    Information for autumn fashion glasses

    Period ... 26th Wednesday during holding Of glasses wait; Japanese eyeware from Fukui, Sabae "raina...

    Glasses saron

  • Hearing aid replacement by purchase campaign for a limited time

    Period From Monday, September 10 to 30th Sunday You have used hearing aid and buy a new hearing aid now...

    Hearing Gear hearing aid saron


    Russian style which traditional art and the latest fashion are mixed, and has original culture characteristics is sutairi surprisingly...


  • Infant classroom KID'S-PAL, English Speaking Society October opening of a course straight reservation start

    It is finally OPEN! Class pre-wallaby Class 1 year old with a smile It is during October opening of a course straight reservation acceptance....

    MIKI HOUSE kids garden


    We present advantageous coupon which is available with brand targeted for Itokin!

  • [Zunda Saryo / Kasho Sanzen] period limited sale

    Zunda Saryo / Kasho Sanzen 2 brand sells for a limited number during period.

  • Special BAR menu of this month

    Tasting every day in rotation paid with wine shop Enoteca at bar counter of juxtaposition...

    Wine shop Enoteca

  • Time to make the life beautiful. CW-X YOGA

    New line for woman wishing that heart, body want to be healthy beautifully together facing oneself through yoga "C...


  • `SHOBUFUKU` (game clothes) campaign

    dunhill memorializes announcement of SAMURAI BLUE 2018 official model, ...


  • Loafers

    Tomoe, Fukusuke, Columbus collaboration fair

    We suggest coordinates of socks and shoes coloring foot of man gorgeously. During period, it is shoes of Tomoe...

    Men's shoes

  • Sake special event schedule

    We perform special event of sake every week in rotation. Sampling is possible in Event Hall, too. Please drop in. ...

    Japanese and Western liquors

  • hiyazaku

    "hiyazaku" revival for a limited time!

    Product which Sandoz made chilled soft serve to Shoo cloth of texture a lot for a limited time revives! ...


  • Business bag series release latest from hartmann!

    J-BIZ 18 Evolution form of briefcase having both latest convenience and Elegance taima...


  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    KYUKYODO reopening!

    7F No. 8 KYUKYODO was reopened on Thursday, September 6. Such as incense, tool for Japanese sentence...


  • Mr. Hiromi Ikeda

    Glasses fashion advice by list of COLOR

    List of professional COLOR of color is choice in lenses COLOR which there was to frame design and customer who put together in scene...

    Glasses saron

  • Cosmetic close-up stage special event schedule

    [yurika] was developed "only in pursuit of shop for a limited time genuine article"; "VIE GRANNE ...

    Cosmetic close-up stage

  • "Arm sedge in" putter conference

    [brand "arm sedge in" by golf club designer Yuji Numazawa putter conference] ...

    GOLF article "Ariga garden GOLF"

  • Maternity underwear nightwear [2018 spring and summer]

    New work of inner for Wacoal maternity comes up. We choose inner to physical Change for childbirth in before childbirth...

    Wacoal (maternity)

  • ※Image is image.

    2018 Autumn Collection

    2018 Autumn Collection [Layer Layer] release start ★ The sky...


  • Deli market Deli lunch / depa drink HOROYOI

    As for lunch, the night, lunch drops in casually and drinks a little.

  • Lunce, hors d'oeuvre of Tobu

    From well-established good flavor to simple taste

  • Ikebukuro Tobu restaurant street party culinary guide Trickster menu

    We are content very much to eat noisily, and to drink! In girls-only gathering, mom society!

  • 2018-19 examination, interview-style

    We introduce Item that is recommended to school visit, interview of examination of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school.

  • 2018-19 examination, interview-style (ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods)

    We introduce ladies' clothes, miscellaneous goods which are recommended to school visit, interview of examination of child.

  • The 8F roof [blue sky CRAFT beer garden BBQ]

    We started long-awaited beer garden on Thursday, April 5! Is for a limited time, to customer using early stage...

  • Restaurant cafe guide

    We introduce Restaurant Street Spice, 2F - 7F cafe.

  • Under recruitment of LINE@ friends!

    Registration of LINE @ of "Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro" "is good father kids" from this.

  • Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro formula SNS

    Other than homepage, we introduce various information of Ikebukuro Store in SNS.

We see more


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