Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro


It is question and answer to have you approach well.
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About business hours, holiday

Q Please tell business hours and holiday.
Q Please tell business hours of Restaurant Street Spice.

About traffic access

Q Where is parking lot, the bicycle parking lot?
Q Please tell way by train.

About brand, shop, restaurant cafe

Q Please tell handling brand and shop, handling product.
Q Please tell about restaurant cafe.

About 8F special event, event

Q Please tell special event and schedule holding in 8F.
Q Please tell held event of each floor.

About service

Q Is "pet companion" possible?
Q Can you borrow wheelchair?
Q Please tell babies' keep, restroom with babies' sheet.
Q Can you borrow baby stroller?
Q Is there locker in shop?

※About other services, please see page of "service guide".

About delivery

Q Please tell about delivery charges.

About Tobu Cards, meeting of friend

Q I have lost Tobu Cards, what should I do?
Q On expiration of a term and expiration date of meeting of friend, please tell about application for ticket.


Q Please tell place that Wi-Fi in shop is available to.
Q We did thing left behind, lost article, where should we ask?

※Please contact navigator dial Navigator dial0570-086-102 for question except the above.

  • It is not available from some IP telephone, international call.
  • Portable flat rate plan is not intended for navigator dial.
  • Cellular phone, PHS is available for call charge of approximately 10 yen every 20 seconds.
  • We take line in Tokyo.
  • Customer of the use, please confirm call charge on fixed line, other lines on homepage of NTT communications.


Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".