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Wine shop Enoteca

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All-Rounder has Italy, Spain, Germany, United States, Chile, wine regular approximately 1,000 kinds or more of all the countries of the world including New Zealand mainly on French wine wealthily. The staff chooses wine to wine life of each all of you heartily.

Wine shop Enoteca

We offer cheese which is good to wine. In wine bar of juxtaposition, you can enjoy wine you like with noble family of wineglass, Cup of RIEDEL company. Please enjoy in spacious space. In one, please use for the middle and work return of shopping in couples casually.

[about sampling fair, event]
※Thing without size notation becomes in particular service with 750 ml of bottles.
※By convenience, visit schedule, visit producer may be changed.
※By convenience, part of tasting Item may be changed.
※Among event, we take a picture. Please note that beforehand.
※We would appreciate your refraining from smoking and use such as strong fragrance of aromaticness.
※Drinking of minor is prohibited by law.
※Drinking of customer that car, motorcycle is driven has you decline.
※During the pregnancy and drinking nursing might adversely affect growth of fetus, baby.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".