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CAMPER was born in Spain, Majorca which floated in the Mediterranean Sea in 1975. It is shoes brand which continues growing up while receiving inspire from the history of the fourth generation making of shoes that it has been inherited and tradition, culture, scenery of the Mediterranean Sea from 1877, and respecting free, modern way of thinking.


In warmth and space with a feeling of relax, we suggest ladies' and men's shoes, bag, accessory. In shop, you can choose collection to have both comfort and chestnut eighty bitea of CAMPER slowly.

Shop news

  • CHULO (rucksack L)
    CHULO (rucksack L)
    Original calendar for 2,019 years for
    Original calendar for 2,019 years for


    <Christmas fair> We hold this!

    We present original calendar of version to customer of the purchase by the first arrival more than tax-included 25,000 yen in 2019 during period.
    In addition, novelty becomes in a limited quantity.

    Exhibition period: Saturday, December 1 - 25 Tuesday

    We used smooth leather which the smooth feel and light weight were characterized by.
    In addition, we use screw Ron zipper which looks like metal to zipper of front pocket part and pattern that is appearance with a feeling of weight is very lightweight and is doing invention to finish.
    Large size has zipper pocket of thin gusset suitable for storing of documents of PC and A4 size.
    As suggestion of rucksack which went step further of refined adult, man and woman is product which we can recommend together.
    ●CHULO LEATHER (rucksack M)
    (material: cowhide / Lining: polyester / COLOR: navy, black / size: W29cm X H34cm X D16cm)
    34,560 yen

    ●CHULO LEATHER (rucksack L)
    (material: cowhide / Lining: polyester / COLOR: navy, black / size: W32cm X H40cm X D17cm)
    37,800 yen

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    We look forward to your visit than all the staff feeling.

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