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Good space of comfortable time feeling


It is fresh and always suggests lifestyle that heart feels at ease.

It is brand handling nature material, inner & wear that we were particular about easy coloration.

We offer relaxation to total to spend time with refreshing feeling happily.

Shop news

  • 2018/09/13

    KID BLUE autumn fair

    New work product which featured the theme of beautiful sweets indulgently was prepared.
    We present original room socks to customer of purchase more than 20,000 yen (tax-included) with product of KID BLUE until - 31 Wednesday on Thursday, October 18 during period.
    ※Please note that gift becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

    Fleece material of jacquard texture with a feeling of irregularities. It is light and is warm.
    [KID BLUE]
    ●Shaggy jacquard Tops (polyester 100%/ rib place 98% cotton polyurethane 2%/ COLOR: ivory pink charcoal)
    12,960 yen

    Skin hit that is fluent in small floral design of rose, cotton material of rayon blend.
    [KID BLUE]
    ●CM T-cloth rose pt pajama (50% cotton rayon 50%/ belt cloth 95% polyester polyurethane 5%/ COLOR: ivory charcoal)
    16,200 yen

    Nightie of triple gauze which expressed torchon of floral design. With spats.
    [KID BLUE]
    ●Triple gazetoshonko Q nightie (cotton 100%/ spats 95% cotton, polyurethane 5%/ COLOR: ivory gray)
    16,200 yen

  • (the left) pajama, (the right) dress
    (the left) pajama, (the right) dress

    KID BLUE 2018 latest introduction in the fall and winter

    "We give sweets" is theme this season.
    It unfolds in COLOR suggesting sweets.

    Pajama of triple gauze material which is comfortable in gorgeous floral design.
    [KID BLUE]
    (only in cotton 100%/M / COLOR: custard blueberry)
    17,280 yen

    Dress of dot print that is simple in soft dual-layered fabric material. As house coat.
    [KID BLUE]
    (only in 58% cotton polyester 42%/M / COLOR: light gray gray)
    14,040 yen

    ※It is an example of product.

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