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    2018 Wacoal pink Ribbon charity fittings campaign

    Surely your try-on helps somebody.

    During period of from Monday, October 1 to Wednesday, October 31, we carry out pink Ribbon fitting campaign in Wacoal as part of "pink Ribbon activity" that is early detection, early checkup, early treatment support activity of breast cancer.
    During period, Wacoal contributes 10 yen to pink Ribbon activity group including association of Japan vs. cancer in place of customer about one piece when we have you try on brassiere in Wacoal.

    With pink Ribbon…We spread right knowledge of breast cancer and are emblem that it is common throughout the world of "action" saying "it is with mind" conveying importance of early consultation of breast cancer examination.

    Place: 3F No. 1 foundation wear Wacoal corner

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