Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

No. 4



  • Ladies' clothes
  • Bag
  • Clothing miscellaneous goods
  • Accessories

Phone number : 03-3971-0533

Words to mean "hammock" in AMACA (AMACA) -- Italian. Spend time when it is satisfied heart so that we are wrapped up. For the word AMACA, thought to want to make such true richness form is put.

We want to make the true richness form to be wrapped up in feeling of happiness, and to be able to spend time satisfied heart...We put such thought.

Standard "that there is" Esprit for adult women who enjoy atmosphere of the times lightly while having style like oneself.

We demand good-quality texture and refined detail errand and add moderately trendy feeling to basic Item with constant seller-like charm every season.

Stated value of homepage is price of "it includes consumption tax".