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Words to mean "hammock" in AMACA (AMACA) -- Italian. Spend time when it is satisfied heart so that we are wrapped up. For the word AMACA, thought to want to make such true richness form is put.

We want to make the true richness form to be wrapped up in feeling of happiness, and to be able to spend time satisfied heart...We put such thought.

Standard "that there is" Esprit for adult women who enjoy atmosphere of the times lightly while having style like oneself.

We demand good-quality texture and refined detail errand and add moderately trendy feeling to basic Item with constant seller-like charm every season.

Shop news

  • ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

    <AMACA> Light Outer Collection

    Variation-rich, coat of good double-faced cloth made by comfortable tailor and the cuffs and hem of removable eco-fur have outer including elegant short coat by light car.

    During fair period, we present JTB trip catalogue gift to eight people to customer of purchase more than 32,400 yen (tax-included) by lot in AMACA shops of the whole country.

    Furthermore, during period, we hold campaign to present normal point +5% point toward SANYO MEMBERSHIP member at the same time.

    Exhibition period: Wednesday, October 10 - 23 Tuesday

    42,120 yen
    ●Inner down
    20,520 yen
    18,360 yen
    28,080 yen

    ※It is an example of product.

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