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From classical music to modern series, we meet wide use scene.

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  • ※Shirt in pouch image is not included.
    ※Shirt in pouch image is not included.


    Under hartmann "suitcase campaign" enforcement!

    We carry out suitcase campaign during period until Friday, November 30 with Tobu Ikebukuro Store hartmann. We present original travel pouch for 20 customer first arrival of the purchase with suitcase of hartmann during period. We look forward to visit to the fifth-floor No. 1 hartmann by all means at this opportunity.

    TWEED BELTING (tsuidoberutingu) four

    TWEED BELTING is bestseller series with the history more than half a century. berutingureza and combination of cloth for tweed let you just update design and function, and more contemporary product lineup is attractive. berutingureza (you tan tannin) is produced for more than half a century by American tannaim and can enjoy good-quality usability to adjust to hand so as to use.

    Color: Natural tweed

    Spinner 55               103,680 yen 30L in capacity, 3.4 kg in weight
    Spinner 62 expander Boe 118,800 yen 49-54L in capacity, 4.2 kg in weight
    Spinner 74 expander Boe 152,280 yen 84-116L in capacity, 5.2 kg in weight

    TWEED BELTING (tsuidoberutingu) two

    In tsuidoberutingushirizusutsukesu, it is two kinaijikomi size suitcases to recommend to business man and jet setter with many business trips. Interior that big wheel of diameter with a little abrasion, business use included by frequent use is attractive. Presence stands out when used in briefcase and set up of the series.

    Color: Natural tweed

    Rolling business bag 97,200 yen 26L in capacity, 4.1 kg in weight

    NOVA CLASSIC (NOVA classical music)

    Design of atmosphere that was nostalgic, and was settled down. Charcoal which is tongue color of leather and familiar good mat, body of dark green are coloring getting a lot of looks. Interior is elegant and simple using "h" of hartmann Lining with logo. Disassembly-type garment case is attached to drawstring bag bag, luggage cover, spinner 69, spinner 76, and it is specifications that it is easy to use for person used to traveling.

    Color: Dark green, charcoal

    Spinner 55 expander Boe 64,800 yen 36-42L in capacity, 3.6 kg in weight
    Spinner 69 expander Boe 75,600 yen 72-85L in capacity, 4.7 kg in weight
    Spinner 76 expander Boe 86,400 yen 96-113L in capacity, 5.8 kg in weight

  • Slim briefcase 54,000 yen (tax-included)
    Slim briefcase 54,000 yen (tax-included)


    We add new model to "tsuidoberutingu" series!

    We add new model to series which can be called pronoun of hartmann <tsuidoberutingu>!

    New model joined series TWEED BELTING which represented hartmann which followed more than 60 years. Small-sized briefcase, backpack of A4 just size. It is lineup of tote which is multi-, and is usable from daily to business scene, trip of overnight degree. In addition, new color dark brown of calm tone came up, too.

    ●Slim briefcase
    "Slim briefcase" of thin gusset type is most suitable for modern business scene that documents decreased.
    (material: tweed X berutingureza / COLOR: dark brown, tongue /H29 X W40 X D9.5cm/0 .9 kg)
    54,000 yen

    It is supported until holiday by business. For trip of reasons overnight degree enough for quantity of storing achievement "horizontarutoto." (material: tweed X berutingureza / COLOR: dark brown, tongue /H30 X W42 X D16cm/1 .0 kg)
    62,640 yen

    ●Slim backpack
    ◆<tsuidoberutingu> long-awaited "slim backpack" comes up in series. We play an active part in ON/OFF both sides.
    (material: tweed X berutingureza / COLOR: dark brown, tongue /H40 X W27 X D11cm/0 .9 kg)
    54,000 yen

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