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Art gallery
art gallery

Art gallery

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Phone number 03-5951-5742

We hold old master exhibition from young writer mainly on industrial arts.

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  • Dyed pattern cherry tree Bunzo size plate
    Dyed pattern cherry tree Bunzo size plate
    Picture pine, bamboo, and plum sentence toso device
    Picture pine, bamboo, and plum sentence toso device


    From Thursday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 19
    ※We are closed at 4:30 p.m. on the last day

    "Color Nabeshima" considered to be the Japanese picture porcelain highest peak was protected as Nabeshima feudal clan order kiln from Edo period and produced only public present to the Shogunate, daimyos.
    We display approximately 50 points of works of modern Nabeshima of shikawaryusen inheriting the skill of the order illustrator Ichikawas in now.
    <brief career history>
    We are born in Imari-shi, Saga in 1952
    We engage in production of Nabeshima ware as painting mechanic to pottery in Okawa in 1968
    Private exhibition first in 1988 nendokuritsuryusenkama at establishment Ginza, Tokyo Aoki art gallery
    We are authorized in 1990 by Ministry of International Trade and Industry designation Japan Traditional Crafts person
    Labor Minister designated first class skill official approval passes for 1,992 years
    With 1993 West Japan Japan Traditional Crafts exhibition for the first time winning Kyushu Yamaguchi ceramic art exhibition choice
    1995 Ikebukuro Tobu private exhibition
    2016 Ikebukuro Tobu sixth private exhibition
    Person of excellence skill "master craftsman of the present age" of 2017 country receiving a prize
    2018 Medal with a Yellow Ribbon receiving a prize

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