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Art art gallery
Art Gallery

Art art gallery

  • Art, picture, industrial arts

Phone number : 03-5951-5742

From young writer to old master, we hold approximately 90 a year plans exhibition.

We perform private exhibition, plan exhibition of picture (Japanese painting, foreign film, print) and industrial arts (ceramic art, glass, lacquer art, antique art object) by unit in week.

Shop news

  • 2018/09/27

    Kaida music public tea ladle exhibition

    From Thursday, October 18 to Wednesday, October 24
    6F No. 1 art art gallery, art gallery
    ※We are closed at 4:30 p.m. on the last day

    Tea ladle which made use of individuality such as smoke-stained bamboo, and was sharpened.
    We introduce work of Mr. Kaida music public which learned classic while making use of modern sensitivity.

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