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Art art gallery
Art Gallery

Art art gallery

  • Art, picture, industrial arts

Phone number : 03-5951-5742

From young writer to old master, we hold approximately 90 a year plans exhibition.

We perform private exhibition, plan exhibition of picture (Japanese painting, foreign film, print) and industrial arts (ceramic art, glass, lacquer art, antique art object) by unit in week.

Shop news

  • "Warm morning" (F4) 151,200 yen
    "Warm morning" (F4) 151,200 yen
    "Defense person of dragon" (52*44cm) 540,000 yen
    "Defense person of dragon" (52*44cm) 540,000 yen

    Takako Hoei art exhibition

    From Thursday, December 13 to Wednesday, December 19
    ※We are closed at 4:30 p.m. on the last day

    Takako Hoei to attract for mysterious view of the world.
    We introduce more than 30 points mainly on new work.
    Please have a look at this zeji opportunity.
    <brief career history>
    We study under Naohisa Inoue in 1975
    1988 picture book "demon king" Iwasaki Bookstore
    It is held after Ikebukuro Tobu private exhibition every year for 1,994 years
    Shogakukan where "forest lives" in world masterpiece in 1998
    2007 art space "tarots" original picture exhibition
    2008-2017 years Seian University of Art and Design specially appointed associate professor

    "Month and walk" (22*54.6cm)

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