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You use a lot toward the foreigner let alone well-established specialty store, Japanese such as incense, tool for Japanese sentence.

It is founded in Kyoto in 1663. Recommended calligraphy article is substantial toward incense and the beginner who can enjoy casually. In addition, we have gold seal and Pochi bag in kind richness. We want to tell customer of wide layer about charm of culture of product and the sum with sense of the seasons in Ikebukuro Store.

Shop news

  • Flavor of incense stick amber
    Flavor of incense stick amber

    New product introduction of KYUKYODO

    We added natural fragrance such as sandalwoods to flavor of rich coffee and blended perfume.
    It is flavor to be relieved at with a little smoke.
    ●Flavor of incense stick amber
    (use raw materials: sandalwood, clove, charcoal, flavor)
    1,296 yen

    ※You can order even online shopping.

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