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GOLF article "Ariga garden GOLF"

GOLF article "Ariga garden GOLF"

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Phone number : 03-5951-9303

Shop which handles overall GOLF article

It is abundantly lineup with GOLF articles such as golf club, golf ball, caddie bag, Grove, shoes, accessories. It is sales floor dealing with home and abroad, a large number of club, and the experienced staff introduces. Please feel free to contact.

Shop news

  • 2018/11/12

    "Arm sedge in" putter conference

    [brand "arm sedge in" by golf club designer Yuji Numazawa putter conference]

    We establish original "Numazawa philosophy", "superior club is beautiful" and hold "arm sedge in" by Yuji Numazawa getting great support putter conference from golfer.

    The date: Each Wednesday, December 26 day from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Place: 7F No. 7 Ariga garden GOLF

    ※For more details, ask salesperson.

    [Yuji Numazawa profile]
    It is said that 90% of tour pro including top player used club which he produces,
    Legendary golf club designer.
    Until 1985, Honma Golf is registered.
    From 1987, we contract with BRIDGESTONE sports,
    We produced many excellent articles until 2007.

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