Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro

Space of meal to be able to spend being available freely

■B1F 8-11 address

Under the theme of "space of meal to be able to spend being available freely," there are bakery Aria, sweets Aria, liquor Aria, deli Aria as food Zone coloring lifestyle of meal from souvenir to reward.

Floor Map

Bakery Terrace
Bakery terrace

■B1F 8.9 address

Unique bakery "deijii Tokyo" that is popular in bay cruise's first original boulangerie "Bour Ange" and hometown providing "fresh one" which is delicious beautifully visually made in kitchen in shop Bread introduces bakery of reputation in event space of substitute in 3 shops of "sun Chino" and monthly week. It is all shop of Tokyo Aria or Ikebukuro Aria first to go out shop.
Please expect in space that can eat Bread hot from the oven on the spot.

Bakery terrace

Shop introduction

Bour Ange

Bour Ange It is the first among Ikebukuro
[only Bour Ange opens from 8:00 a.m.]
Bay cruise's first original boulangerie to cross the making of Bread of home France and seasonal foods using flour which selected carefully to base from all over the world, and to provide delicious Bread.
We prepare Bread which variation to be correct in night, what kind of table scene by bread of two kinds for exclusive use of eating raw for exclusive use of much-talked-about toast and thicker crunch-crunch and rich lineups such as viennoiserie including croissant characterized by layer that we did, colorful tarutinu, Ikebukuro-limited product in the morning at noon is rich in.

  • Bour Ange floor
  • Bour Ange floor
  • Bour Anju Bakery

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  • Bour Anju Bakery

    [Bour Ange]
    ●Bread Demy Ange
    540 yen (one loaf of /470g)

deijii Tokyo

deijii Tokyo It is the first among the Tokyo's first department store
Brand "deijii Tokyo" that deijii of local coherence type bakery to present 6 stores in Saitama launched newly this time.
Of if "eat routinely after all NIPPON send various products which make with original taste, material, technique, and gave Bread" to concept.

  • deijii Tokyo sales floor
  • deijii Tokyo sales floor
  • deijii Tokyo Bakery

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  • deijii Tokyo Bakery

    [deijii Tokyo]
    ●Croissant B.C.
    540 yen (with two)

Sun Chino

Sun Chino It is the first among the Ikebukuro's first department store
"One of person of ..." and "one of - production center" are origins of naming, and we arrange good old retro Bread and local Bread in contemporary style in old days using material of various parts of Japan, and unique Bread gains popularity.

  • Sun Chino sales floor
  • Sun Chino sales floor
  • Sun chino pants

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  • Sun chino pants

    [sun Chino]
    ●Walnut bean-jam bun
    195 yen (nothing)

Event space

Event space that popular shop is replaced in week, and opens a store every month in rotation.
We select store mainly on expensive Bread of evaluation in hometown and send new discovery even if we come whenever.

Thursday, October 18 - 24 Wednesday
D'une rarete

Shop "d'une rarete" which means kind rare naruo founded in Omotesando in 2000.
It is always bakery which continues pursuing Change while respecting culture and tradition.

From Thursday, October 25 to Wednesday, October 31
Signifiant significance

Bakery which we use materials selected carefully and we draw umami flavor of powder and continue making with low temperature long time fermentation heartily.
Please enjoy the world of Bread which chef Katsuei Shiga produces from the expert skill and rich imagination.

Thursday, November 1 - 7 Wednesday
Ogino Bakery

It is founded in Kanagawa former Sagamikomachi, Tsukui-gun in 1960.
We add factory baking roll of 4,000 and perform not only store but also sale as school lunch an hour.
It is store specializing in bakeries loved from hometown proud of deep-rooted popularity.

Thursday, November 8 - 14 Wednesday
Corner pocket

Delicious handmade bakery of Yamanashi.
We are given natural alms of Yatsugatake and make homemade delicious bread in delicious water and air.
Above all, we work out maple syrup, and "Maple of Yatsugatake" that we let you mature slowly and carefully and baked is popular with moist texture light.

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