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Sweets Market
Sweets market

■B1F 8-10 address

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"Bean to Bar Chocolate" to develop as store specializing in baked goods "bisukyuiterieburutonnu" of Ikebukuro district first to go out shop that edelweiss presents and store of demonstration kitchen juxtaposition specialty store "minimal bean toe bar chocolate" adds to 3 shops which is suitable for personal gift such as senbei Store "Fujimi temple" of Tokyo Aoto that was particular about material, handicraft and introduces 5 shops including "handicap Ruska feh" which had select shop "OYATSU table" where we gathered pretty cakes of the whole country and coffee and ice cream.
It is all shop of Tokyo Aria or Ikebukuro Aria first to go out shop.

Sweets market snacks table

Shop introduction

Select shop "OYATSU table" of cake (snacks table)

Snacks table Select shop of unprecedented cake which made "subdivision" keyword when "appearance was cute and is stylish." We exhibit approximately 400 kinds of cakes which we chose from the whole country according to category and suggest pleasure to choose.
Category is introduction from one piece of article corner which gift use can purchase to oneself use one by one of around 200-300 yen, event corner setting cake which we put together in compendium of seasonal words.
We were born to meet the growing needs to want to eat various things little by little.

  • Snacks table
  • Snacks table
  • Snacks table
  • Snacks table

We introduce "autumn recommended product" of snacks table.
As number includes limit because Halloween product is for a limited time, thank you for your understanding on out of stock.

  • Snacks table

    It is Halloween-limited product of "fevumikkusupuchi" which put vegetables chip and dried fruit together in bean.
    We put basic popularity and seasonally limited flavor in the pretty petit envelope.
    (with one /5 species)
    861 yen

  • Snacks table

    MIX did bat, candy of pattern of Halloween motif which was pretty, and was some Fear-monger including skeleton.
    [candy show time]
    ●Halloween MIX
    (45 g)
    561 yen

  • Snacks table

    Small yokan of refined taste that bean jam shop makes.
    We go, and matcha, ogura is four set of bean jam, chestnut.
    It is good to petit gift with stylish package.
    [capital Shoan]
    ●Small yokan
    (4 Motoiri)
    841 yen

  • Snacks table

    Cheese flavor of popularity is renewed! We knead black pepper into cloth and are heavy one article that let Triple cheese of Gouda Camembert Cheddar work.
    ●It is lightly * cheese flavor
    (90 g)
    389 yen

Handicap Ruska feh

HANDEL'S CAFE It is the first among Tokyo
Cafe which investigates genuine article using material which examined "GOOD SHORT REST STATION ... good break makes good day" closely in concept from each place of world, Japan. We send relief and taste in sweets and light meal, drink which were particular about handcrafting and create form of new break of Japan.

  • Handicap Ruska feh
  • Handicap Ruska feh
  • Handicap Ruska feh
  • Handicap Ruska feh
  • Handicap Ruska feh

    [handicap Ruska feh]
    ●Coffee (ice hot / for each one cup)
    Small: 300 yen

  • Handicap Ruska feh

    [handicap Ruska feh]
    ●Ice cream sandwiches
    (all eight kinds of / for each one)
    540 yen
    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Minimal bean toe bar chocolate

Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate It is the first among the Ikebukuro's first department store
"Bean to Bar Chocolate" which goes to visit cacao farms of the world directly, and manages all steps (sorting, roast, trituration, compounding, molding) before choosing cacao bean of good quality, and there being chocolate bar rate from cacao bean at the stocking, store, and produces specialty store.
We can enjoy "Bean to Bar Chocolate" of fresh one which was particular about expression of cacao bean original taste and flavor thoroughly.

  • Minimal bean toe bar chocolate
  • Minimal bean toe bar chocolate
  • Minimal bean toe bar chocolate

    ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Fujimi temple

Fujimi temple It is the first among Ikebukuro
"We want to tell culture of rice to children of the next generation"
Senbei restaurant founded in 1950 to value traditional taste and skill of Tokyo, Aoto where rice growing was prosperous.
We stock gennoyakubei as brown rice and polish rice in-house to use delicious ingredients as senbei dough daringly even if we just eat, and to keep flavor and texture of rice alive to the maximum and are senbei specialty store conveying technique only by Kodawariya craftsman in history.

  • Fujimi temple
  • Fujimi temple Fujimi temple

    Rice cracker which taste of rice can taste after light texture that craftsman finished in deep frying, soup stock soy sauce in rice oil if crispy.
    You attach Zanthoxylum Fruit salt, and please have.
    [Fujimi temple]
    ●It is stuffed the mouth with white
    599 yen

  • Fujimi temple

    It is seasonally limited assorted constant sellers which six kinds entered including taste which taste of flavor and material of rice can enjoy other than brown sugar soybean flour and saury shichimi to bamboo basket only in autumn.
    [Fujimi temple]
    ●Tokyo weather colored leaves
    2,160 yen
    Sale period: From Saturday, September 1 to Thursday, November 15


BISCUITERIE BRETONNE It is the first among Ikebukuro
Baked goods specialty store to send baked goods which are tasteful although being simple to bake mainly on cake which has been loved in France Bretagne every day in kitchen in shop to.
We prepare easy gift doing storable duration and baked goods for gifts.

  • bisukyuiterieburutonnu
  • bisukyuiterieburutonnu
  • bisukyuiterieburutonnu

    Popular item which is the first in shop is this financier. As for the deep taste that was able to file body of burnt butter and nice smell of almond, salt of gerando is secret ingredient.
    195 yen

  • bisukyuiterieburutonnu

    We added pumpkin paste to nante cloth which was full of flavors of fermented butter and baked in heavy taste. We displayed pumpkin seed with ghost of white chocolate.
    ●Gateau nante <potiron>
    400 yen (tax-included)
    Sale period: From Friday, September 28 to Wednesday, October 31

※Publication product is an example.

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